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Zarrin Darnell-Martin is an American-Canadian actress and writer. She is mainly known for her Doctor role in the Television series Ginny and Georgia, a series about a fifteen years old insecure girl who is more mature than her age. The T.V. series was a popular show on Netflix and has won 2 awards, ReFrame Stamp and Seal of Authentic Representation. Zarrin Darnell-Martin has appeared primarily on T.V. series as a side cast but has made a significant impact to know about her through her acting and proper comic timing skills. Throughout her career, she has done different kinds of genres in movies, and she has also appeared in children’s shows, so without getting delayed, let’s know more about Zarrin Darnell-Martin’s personal life and her professional life.

Zarrin Darnell-Martin Wikipedia and Biography: Everything to Know about her!

Zarrin Darnell-Martin

Date Of Birth May 28, 1984
Birthplace United States of America
Age 38
Height 5 feet and 6 Inches
Weight Around 62 Kg
Name Zarrin Darnell-Martin
Marital Status Married
Spouse Mike Brown
Children One Daughter
Known For Actor and Writer

Zarrin Darnell-Martin is an American-Canadian actress and writer. Despite her fame as an actor and writer, she has yet to be featured on Wikipedia. More alike, it looks her Wiki page is in the process of being done; however, she is on the list of IMDb. As per IMDb, she is known for Ginny & Georgia (2021), Spotlight (2015), and Star Trek: Discovery (2017).

Zarrin Darnell-Martin started her professional career in a theater doing a children’s show called Danny King of the Basement. Later on, she began to get noticed, tried for a bigger audience, and started going to the movies. She has had a passion and dream of being an actor since a very young age and used to watch many movies. In one of her interviews, she mentioned that Zarrin’s favorite movie shows are Shawshank Redemption, Centre Stage, and The Little Mermaid.

Since she is also a writer, Zarrin loves reading books in her free time and has contributed much to screenplay and writing scripts in T.V. series and movies. In Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck, she mentioned that her perception of writing changed, and she started to pursue her dream even more.

Zarrin Darnell-Martin: Movies and T.V. Series

Zarrin Darnell-Martin: Movies and T.V. Series

Zarrin Darnell-Martin started her acting career at a very young age. Throughout her career, she has had multiple T.V. Shows and movies, with a known credit for 20. Some of her popular include Snowbound for Christmas as Rachel and Designed with Love as Amanda, and more detail about her movie and the T.V. series she has done, visit TMDB. Talking about her upcoming movie Simulant, a Canadian science fiction thriller, she played her role named Tasha which is set to release on April 7, 2023. It’s a fantasy movie, about one and a half hours directed by April Mullen.

Zarrin Darnell-Martin: Early life and Education

Zarrin Darnell-Martin was born on 28 May 1984 in the United States of America. Her family moved to another country when Zarrin was seven years old, and she was raised and grew up in Canada. She has always had that movie passion and path since the beginning; she and her friends used to write scripts and play along with those scripts.

She attended an arts high school where she got the proper concept of theater and role play, and eventually, her interest in acting got more dedicated and started to pay off her hard work. Later on, after she completed high school, she pursued her dream of attending the National Theatre School of Canada, where only twelve students are taken in a year. She undoubtedly had those skills and made her dream of becoming an actor come true with her sheer hard work. To sum it up, Zarrin started getting into a professional career as a theater artist, and later on, she landed on a big platform.

Zarrin Darnell-Martin Age: How old Is she?

Zarrin Darnell-Martin Age How old Is sheAs of April 2023, Zarrin Darnell-Martin’s age is 38 years old.

She was born on May 28, 1984; her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Zarrin Darnell-Martin Height and Weight: How Tall is She?

Zarrin Darnell-Martin’s height and weight are not disclosed to date. However, based on her appearance, she seems to be around 5 feet 6 inches tall, while her strong physique indicates a weight of around 62 kg. Moreover, this is just an assumption based on her appearance; however, her actual height and weight are still unknown. If her body measurements are out on the internet, we will surely update our article as soon as possible.

Zarrin Darnell-Martin Husband and Children: Who is she Married to?

Zarrin Darnell Martin family

Zarrin Darnell-Martin is married to his husband, Mike Brown. He is just a regular guy who supports his wife in her career, and the couple has been happy without external dispute. The couple had an adorable daughter, but her name remains unknown. So far, looking at their family, they have been doing great, and the amount of love and positivity they share is enormous.

Is She on Social Media?

So far, we could only trace Zarrin’s Instagram account under the handle @zarrindm. She has around 3.5k followers and a good amount of posts about the series she has done and her wholesome family pictures. Although she has few followers, they have been supporting her with positive comments and always care about her personal life.

When discussing her other social media handles, she is not on different social platforms. So far, we could only locate her on Instagram; other than that, it is unclear whether she is active or not. If information regarding her handle on social platforms is available online, we will update our article as soon as possible.

What is the Net Worth of Zarrin Darnell-Martin?

Regarding her net worth, Zarrin’s official net value is yet to be disclosed. We believe she has a good amount of money through her career, as it’s getting emerge into the bigger audience.


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