Why Did Pat From Popularmmos Get Arrested?

Fans have been wondering why Pat from Popularmmos was arrested for the third time! He may be a fabulous Youtuber but has been paying for his mistake.

Pat or Patrick Thomas Julianelle is an American Youtuber who has been making videos on Minecraft for a few years.

He has been a part of a controversial arrest. The Youtuber has been arrested twice before this. We have collected all the relevant information about why Pat from Popularmmos was arrested in this article.

Did Popularmmos Get Arrested Again?

Not gonna lie I tried to do my hair just to take an instagram pic...LOL. I am finally a real instagramer now.
Not gonna lie I tried to do my hair just to take an instagram pic…LOL. I am finally a real instagramer now.
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Yes. Popularmmos got arrested again. The Youtube sensation and his ex-wife Jen were a big hit in the Youtube community.

People enjoyed the content that they made on the platform. Besides this, the former couple has also been a part of a different controversy which made trouble for Pat in the past.

Popularmmos Arrested 2022

Popularmmos was arrested for the third time in 2022. He was arrested for a pitch invasion incident during the Jacksonville Jaguars game at TIAA Bank Field. He was not the only one who got arrested, though.

Michael Richmond and Ethan Davies were arrested along with him for filming the stunt together. While the event occurred on a Sunday back in November 2022, the three of them were arrested the next Monday.

The judge also stated that it was a very stupid thing for them to do. Pat and Ethan were charged with criminal conspiracy and committing a breach of peace.

Michael made a run, leading him to end up with worse consequences as he was charged with criminal mischief and committing a breach of peace. Besides this, Richmond is also facing charges for drug dealing.

Why did Popularmmos Get Arrested in the Past?

Why did Popularmmos Get Arrested in the Past

Popularmmos, or Pat, got arrested in the past for multiple reasons. According to online records from Duval Country, Florida, he was arrested for a domestic battery accusation.

He was taken into custody by The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department on May 2021 at midnight. One of the main reasons Pat became a suspect in the books of the cops back then was because of the negative stories he and his girlfriend Liz had to say.

He angrily tweeted, “Don’t believe everything you hear. I will need to address the false accusations soon.”

Pat added, “You are a terrible person,” He was addressing Liz when he wrote the tweet. Besides this, the YouTuber called out his girlfriend for falsely accusing him of something he did not do.

And the 34-year-old even disparaged Liz, thanking her for revealing his address to the cops.

What made everything worse is his partner of 10 years, or his former wife Jen, liked a post on Twitter that called Pat a female abuser.

People were quick to call him out for this. However, the former wife soon made it clear to their fans that he had not abused her in their 10 years of marriage.

This was enough to clear doubts in the minds of many. However, many people and fans of his channel remain doubtful of whether or not his ex-wife was forced to make the statement. Considering that they had broken up, it is obvious that the fans do not believe Pat’s part of the story.

Popularmmos Career

Julianelle is one of the most influential online streamers of this time. He has built a good fanbase from his past and present works. He is best known for his Roblox and Minecraft gameplays.

This helped the youtube sensation gain adult fans and those much younger and interested in gaming. Pat has been actively working on his Youtube for years. He started with Minecraft and soon played other games like Grand Theft Auto, Roblox, and Among Us.

Likewise, he has been sponsored and associated with prestigious brands like Microsoft, Xbox, and Google. The YouTuber has over 25 million subscribers on his channel.

And he owns a diamond play button and has won several awards on Youtube. Likewise, he was formerly married to Youtuber Jenna Marbles.

The ex-couple made videos together which helped them gain more views and fans. However, they have separated due to personal reasons. And today, Pat makes videos on his own on his channel.

Though he was born and bought up in Connecticut, he lives in Florida currently. He works from his home, making content for his fans. Furthermore, he was also a part of Kris Madas’ YouTuber Intro Challenge.

Despite all the controversies, Popularmmos still created good hype among his fans on the video-sharing platform.


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People Also Asked:

Are Liz and Pat together?

Yes, despite the fights they have had in the past, the couple remains together. In fact, Pat even posts pictures of them together on his Instagram.

What happened to Popularmmos?

Popularmmos was kept in jail for two days after he pleaded no contest.

What Happened to Jen and Pat?

Though Jen and Pat kept uploading their videos together, they still weren’t as happy as they used to be. They have now divorced each other.

Are Pat and Jen still friends?

Yes, they remain friends even after separating.

What does MMOS mean in PopularMMOs?

MMOS refers to Massively multiplayer online game.

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