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Who Is Nia Dorsey? Who Is Her Sister Noriya Dorsey?

Nia Dorsey, the ex-girlfriend of NBA player Lance Stephenson rose to fame after her extravagant appearance in the 9th season of VH1 Basketball Wives. The show is a full package of an inside look at the lives of basketball Wags where Nia’s meme post on Instagram caused a huge stir.

Along with being a reality star, Nia is an entrepreneur, model, and aspiring actress.

Nia and Noriya Dorsey joined the lineup of Basketball Wives In 2021

Noria Dorsey and Nia Dorsey attend VH1's Basketball Wives
Noria Dorsey and Nia Dorsey attend VH1’s Basketball Wives

When VH1 announced the new cast list in February 2021, Nia and Noria Dorsey were introduced, but there was not much hype around them being cast in Season 9. However, the show bloomed to new heights with their entry into the show, following more dramas than ever.

Significantly on the 4th episode, 6th June 2022, on VH1, which would focus on Angel Brinks’ magnificent gender reveal party. The evening was triumphant, with guests picking a blue or pink dress, a helicopter shooting smoke, and whatnot. No one at the party knew what was coming up.

While scrolling IG, fellow cast member Brooke Bailey saw something from Nia’s account that shocked her.

IG Story post: “I got a taste for some outta-wedlock baby shower food!!!!”

Can’t wait to get some today. LOL

Brooke could not wait for a second and swiftly mumbled the matter to co-stars Brandi Maxiell and DJ Duffey, and the trio decided the confront the matter to Angel. All can guess what happened next. More Drama!!!

Of course, Nia’s meme does not go well with Angel when she finds out. On the other hand, Nia confessed her post was just a meme rather than her intention to insult Angel and her baby. Nia brought into the open that she never imagined her post would turn hurtful as she also had a baby out of wedlock.

Though Nia apologized to Angel, the matter did not shut down immediately. In the following episodes, not only Nia but her sister Noria was dragged into all the drama because of the IG post.

Eventually, both Dorsey’s sister leaves the show.


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Who Is Nia’s Sister Noriya Dorsey From Basketball Wives?

Noriya Dorsey, a hairstylist, and entrepreneur, is the biological sister of Nia, born on 7th October 1988, in Memphis, Tennessee. Their parents are Norman and Pamela Dorsey.

She caught celebrity status as a reality star, starring on VH1 Basketball Wives. She is the wife of former basketball player Shawn Taggart, the current basketball head coach at Collierville High School.

Who Did Nia Dorsey From Basketball Wives Date?

Lance Stephenson
Lance Stephenson Jr., born on September 5, 1990, is a talented American basketball player.

Nia Dorsey was briefly in a relationship with a basketball player, Lance Stephenson.

Stephenson is a 2010 NBA draftee selected by Indiana Pacers in the 2nd round with the 40th overall pick. Further, he played for various NBA teams and had brief stints with other professional basketball leagues.

Besides, he is a father of four. Together with his high-school sweetheart, Jasmine Williams, he has a daughter named Liara Stephenson (b.2008). Further, Lance shares two children with Basketball Wives star Feby Torres.
In 2017, he welcomed a baby girl, Leya. However, the basketballer is yet to disclose the identity of his daughter’s momma.


Who Is Nia Dorsey’s baby daddy?

Nia Dorsey is a mother to 15 Years old son. Her son was born on 5th January 2008.

It is believed that Nia entered into motherhood early during her teen years. Her baby boy is from one of her ex-boyfriends but not Lance Stephenson. To date, she has not disclosed the identity of her son’s father.

Is Nia Dorsey Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Nia Dorsey is entirely single, raising her son as a single mother.

The only prominent relationship of hers that surface in the media is with Basketball player Lance Stephenson. Because of that affair, she appeared in the VH1 Basketball Wives, which garnered her international fame.

As of now, Nia’s relationship status is unmarried.

How old is Nia Dorsey? Age

Nia Dorsey’s age is a fact that remains uncovered to date. On 31st May 2023, she twitted,

My bday was the best yesterday, and I had nothing planned but everything came through last min…

After a minute, she made another tweet, “I thank God for those who showed love in their own special way, I made my day…. “ Seems like someone is really happy!!!

Further, her glamorous photo was featured on a billboard in Time Square.

From the tweet, it’s clear that Nia is Gemini.

How Much Is Nia Dorsey’s Net Worth?

Nia Dorsey’s is a multipotentialite. Her revenue generates from various lines of work.

VH1 Basketball Wives earned her huge recognition that she eventually received film projects. In 2022, she portrayed the role of Melody in the thriller movie, A Good Day for Everybody. She currently indulges in “The Making of the Kingpin,” a reality TV mini-series projected to release in 2024.

Further, her modeling career, which has reached a new height definitely pays her a big sum. She was featured in British Vogue, Vanity Fair, and British GQ.

She has also launched a swimsuit line, Coconutswim, and a cheesecake business, Sweet Addiction.

Besides, Nia is seen endorsing various brands on her social handle, Instagram, where she amassed 137K followers (As of May 2023).

As of 2023, Nia Dorsey’s net worth is approximately $100,000.


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How Old is Nia Dorsey?

Nia Dorsey is believed to be in her early thirties.

Where does Nia Dorsey Lives?

Nia Dorsey splits her time between Memphis and Los Angeles.

Who is Nia & Noria Dorsey?

Nia & Noria Dorsey are sisters featured in the 9th season of VH1 Basketball Wives.

When does Nia Dorsey celebrate her Birthday?

On 31st May every year, Nia Dorsey celebrates her Birthday.


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