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Who is Mr. Ballen Wife?

John Allen a.k.a Mr. Ballen is married to his wife Amanda Allen. The beautiful couple has been together for more than a decade.

Mr. Ballen is well known TikTok and YouTube personality who garnished attention for his short-formed content on the topics of true crime and scary stories. The former Navy Seal turned social media sensation joined TikTok for just fun.

His content based on murder, mystery, and scary stories has become so popular that he has a massive fan following on all his social platforms. Mr. Ballen currently has over 8.3 million followers on his TikTok account, 7.55 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and over 439k followers on his Twitter handle.

The mystery/crime stories narrator also started his own production company ‘Ballen Studios’ in January 2020.

As with the growth of his fan base, the personal life of this famous internet personality also has piqued the interest of many of his followers. So, who is this amazing content creator is married to? Who is Mr. Ballen wife?

Mr. Ballen Wife | Amanda Allen

You might have often seen this mystery/crime story narrator featuring his family on his social handles. And, often wondered about a beautiful lady by his side who is an unwavering support to this rising star. So who is in fact this beautiful lady known as Amanda Allen? Who is Mr. Ballen wife?

Turns out this beautiful wife of Mr. Ballen, Amanda Allen, is his college heartthrob. The couple met at the university, and that’s where their love started budding. Although it is not clear who fell head over heels first, or who made the first move, the loving couple have been together for a decade.

Along the course of their romantic chapters, the beautiful couple welcomed three children into the family, two daughters, and a son. However, Amanda and Mr. Ballen have been very uptight about sharing details of his personal life.

Mr. Ballen Wife Amanda Allen
Mr. Ballen and his family (Image: Mr. Ballen’s Instagram)

Although he posts about his beautiful family on his social handles quite often, he hasn’t shared many details about them. For instance, the names of this Mr. Ballen and Amanda’s children are still in the dark. Or, any other details regarding Mr. Ballen and his wife Amanda Allen’s engagement and wedding.

Mr. Ballen’s wife, Amanda also seems to enjoy keeping her private life away from the public attention. She is available on her self-titled Instagram, however, she has locked her profile and has only 181 followers on her account.

Amanda Allen and Mr. Ballen| Age Difference | Relationship

Mr. Bean was born on 1st October 1988 in Quincy, Massachusetts, United States. As of now, the social media star is currently 34 years old. As the pair met at their university and fell for each other, it can be assumed that they are not that far apart in age.

This might be a little tricky as Mr Ballen wife, Amanda’s date of birth has not been reviewed yet. We can safely assume that the college sweethearts don’t have much age difference. Amanda is also somewhere in her early 30s.

Despite keeping most parts of their relationship under wraps from the public. The beautiful couple have a very strong, loving, and supporting relationship. After meeting at the university things weren’t as smooth as to be expected.

Mr. Ballen, despite being accepted into a good university, didn’t continue with the enrolled degree program and dropped out somewhere in between. With the wish of doing something better with his life, the mystery/crime narrator started looking for an alternative career in the military.

The viral TikTok/YouTube star applied for serving in the Navy Seal and was accepted.

However, after sustaining extreme injuries in one of his deployments in 2014, it changed the course of his life. Mr. Ballen decided to retire from the military with a medical retirement in 2017. He served in the Navy Seals for about 7 years and during his exist, created a non-profit talent collective representing only Navy Seals in February 2017.

Undoubtedly, the life of this popular social media star had a fair share of highs and lows. However, Amanda has always been a supportive pillar who inspired Mr. Ballen to keep chasing his passion.

These college sweethearts, who have been supposed to have tied the knot during the last of their college days have a formidable bond. And, even today their relationship is sturdier with each passing day and can be taken as an example of a relationship that truly withstood the test of time.


Who is Mr. Ballen wife?

Mr. Ballen is married to his wife Amanda Allen. Amanda and Mr. Ballen have been together for more than a decade.

What is Mr. Ballen real name?

The real name of Mr. Ballen is John Allen.

What is net worth of Mr. Ballen?

As of now, Mr. Ballen’s net worth has been estimated to be around US$1 to 4 million.

How tall is Mr. Ballen?

Mr. Ballen stands has a height that reaches approximately 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 m) bar.

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