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Who Is Matt McCusker’s Wife? Know Bio, Age, Children, Net Worth

No work in this world is tougher on the soul and body than looking after young children. Brittany McCusker, the wife of Comedian Matt McCusker, is the toughest woman looking after their toddlers and supporting her husband’s career. Today’s let’s know about Brittany McCusker.

Matt McCusker’s Wife: Brittany McCusker

Matt McCusker's Wife: Brittany McCusker

Brittany McCusker is a full-time housemaker who rose to fame as the wife of Philly Comedian Matt McCusker. Before getting fully involved in the family, she earned a Master of Science in Forensic Science (MSFS) in May 2017. It is possible that she may have worked in criminalistics.

It is believed that Brittany does not prefer being in the limelight. She comes to the public eye only after her husband, Matt, shares pictures of her on social. It was back in April 2020 when Matt shared his first adorable family picture featuring his wife and their firstborn child. Since then, Matt often gives his fans a glimpse of his family.

On the other hand, Brittany, who goes on Instagram by the name @ohno cookie, has set her account to private mode. Her Instagram bio reads,

Peace is restrained, I’d rather be free… A free spirit with a wild heart.

Also, she has quoted, “Chgo -> Philly

That means Brittany McCusker is a Chicago native who moved later to Philadelphia after marrying Matt McCusker. Furthermore, she holds an American nationality and comes from an Afro-American ethnic background. Though she has not disclosed her age, she is assumed to be in her thirties.

Matt McCusker And Brittany McCusker’s Wedding?

It is known Brittany and her husband, Matt MCusker, have been together for a long time now. Nevertheless, their dating phases and wedding details are what exactly the public is curious about.

Tom McCusker, brother of Matt, wrote in a blog post, THE PHILLY FOOD FEED, Matt left their truck fast food business to marry his fiancee in 2011.

That means Matt and Brittany McCusker tied the knot in 2011. But wait, no reports suggest they were together for that long. Brittany might be the second wife of Matt. But that’s only an assumption.

All know they are yet to talk about their love story, so it’s better to wait calmly.

Brittany McCusker Shares Two Children With Matt McCusker

Brittany McCusker Shares Two Children With Matt McCusker

In March 2020, Brittany and Matt McCusker welcomed their first child. In April, Matt took to Instagram and finally gave a glimpse of their firstborn. Further, he came up with a perfect family photo. He captioned the picture, Practising for that official Easter photo.”

In June 2022, Matt announced they had their second baby.

Blessed with two children, the family of four is living a blissful life.

Brittany’s Husband, Matt McCusker

Brittany McCuskerWith Matt McCusker

Brittany’s spouse Matt is an American comedian and a writer. Havertown, Pennsylvania, native Matt McCusker was born in 1986. His age is thirty-six. Born to white parents, he is an American national of white ethnicity.

At the age of six, the McCusker family relocated to the Garnet Valley. Furthermore, he has also moved to Philadelphia and New Jersey. As per the Wall Street Insanity, Matt graduated from Drexel University, majoring in International Business.

Matt has a brother, Tom McCusker. The McCusker brothers opened a food truck called Honest Tom’s Taco Shop in 2009. Nonetheless, he quit the food business in 2011 to settle a family.

Later, he began writing and comedy. In 2014, at the Helium comedy club, Matt was entitled “Philly’s Funniest.”

In 2018, he began a podcast series called “Matt and Shane’s Secret podcast,” hosted alongside American stand-up comedian and radio personality Shane Gillis. The podcast turned out to be the turning point of his comedy career which garnered him wide recognition.

That same year, he authored a book, “Overlook: A Story About Drugs, Disappointment, and The American Dream.” Matt’s book narrates the story of five dysfunctional neighbors, residents of blue-collar people. After the son of a local dry-cleaning magnate went missing, the neighbors’ lives became entangled.

Moreover, on his self-owned website, Matt mentioned himself as a guy who spent much of his youth in non-violent criminal activity. That’s a past talk. Now he is dedicated to pursuing peace and harmony.

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Net Worth

Brittany McCusker is a full-time housemaker, so the only breadwinner in the house, for now, is Matt McCusker. As reported, Matt’s net worth is $0.5 million. His stand-up comedy tour highly influences his income.

There is not much other financial information about the McCusker family, but yes, they are living a good life.


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