Who Is Jenna Ortega’s Cousin Manuel Boza? Know Everything

Manuel Boza has always amazed everyone with his talents and entertainment skills. But did you also know that he is related closely to Jenna Ortega? Learn more about their relationship and their personal life with us!

Manuel Boza Biography
Manuel Boza Biography
Name Manuel Boza
Nationality American
Profession Internet content creator
Education Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Net worth $200k
Ex Girlfriend Alissa
Eye color Brown

Manuel Boza is one of the most popular entertainers on the internet. He has made a name for himself in the whole world as an internet personality. But a lot of people don’t know about his family and background.

We all know about famous Wednesday star Jenna Ortega; well, it may come off as a surprise to many that Manuel Boza may be the cousin of this actress. We have written everything you need to know about Boza in this article; stay tuned to dig deeper!

Who is Jenna Ortega’s Cousin?

Who is Jenna Ortega's Cousin?

The fans supposedly associated Jenna Ortega and Manuel Boza because of how similar they look. Besides this, Boza posted a video of Ortega which said, “I Asked Jenna Ortega On A Date,” A lot of people speculated that Manuel was Jenna Ortega’s cousin.

But it has not yet been confirmed what the truth is. At the same time, Jenna Ortega’s fans are divided into two parts where part says that he is her cousin, while the other claims that they are professionally related and are in friendly terms though not related by blood. We don’t know what the truth is till now.

Manuel Boza Bio

Manuel Boza Bio

Manuel Boza is a very private person. He has been keeping his background and family a secret to this day. This is also why people’s speculations about his relationship with Jenna Ortega are varied.

Boza was born in America to American citizens. However, he is not white. The internet sensation is very active on the internet. It is where he earns money and posts videos at all times. Manuel is very professional as he keeps his private life away from his professional life.

Though he has many fans all around the world, there aren’t many people who know about his background and early life.

Manuel Boza Education

Manuel Boza Education

Boza has not yet graduated from college. However, he has a high school degree. Manuel finished both his high school and elementary school in America.

Jenna Ortega Cousin Girlfriend

Jenna Ortega Cousin Girlfriend

Manuel Boza, who was otherwise mistaken for Ortega’s cousin, had a girlfriend Alissa. She is a supermodel. Sadly, the former couple called it off for unknown and private reasons.

They had become a fan favorite when they appeared together in one of Boza’s internet videos. The ex-pair is no longer in contact at the current time.

Jenna Ortega Cousin’s Net Worth

Jenna Ortega Cousin's Net Worth

A lot of people have wondered how much Boza earns as compared to his “cousin” Jenna Ortega. Though it has not yet been confirmed that they are even related, the comparison never stops.

To answer this question for the fans, Jenna Ortega has a net worth of $3 million, and Manuel Boza has a net worth of $200k as of 2023. Likewise, it is still a secret as to how much they earn from a single movie, series episode, or video, respectively.

Jenna Ortega Cousin Manuel Boza Youtube

Manuel Boza has a great career on the internet. Not only is he famous and active on Youtube, he also makes sure to post videos on his Tiktok. All in all, he is a full-time content creator.

Boza started his Youtube journey in 2019. He first uploaded a video titled “Full Day of Eating – Road to Gold EP 1”. This video majorly focused on eating, bodybuilding, and physical transformation. His initial content catered to men. However, he started posting challenge videos where he finished a tough challenge that interested not only men but women as well. This is how his viewers started increasing.

The internet personality appeared in famous YouTuber Airrack’s video “Nerd vs. 100 supermodels”. He was given a task just like any other participant. This video generated many views, and the number of viewers on his channel increased accordingly.

Likewise, when he posted a video related to Jenna Ortega, that’s when his following, as well as the curiosity of people towards him boosted more than ever!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Jenna Ortega related to?

Jenna Ortega is related to twins Markus and Aaliyah. They are her youngest siblings.

Are Jenna Ortega and Manuel Boza related?

It has not been confirmed whether the two are related or not. Ortega appeared in one of Manuel’s videos in the past.

What is Jenna Ortega’s tiktok name?

Her Tiktok name is Jenna Ortega (@jenna0rtega) Official.

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