Whitney Wisconsin Death: Is She Alive?

Whitney Wisconsin brought trouble upon herself with pornographic videos. There have been rumors of her death. But is it true?


Name Amy Lynn
Nationality American
Profession Pornographic creator
Education Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Hair Color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Boyfriend Erio Oliver

Not much has been known about Whitney to this day. The police arrested her as soon as her misdeeds were confronted. However, what is the cause of the death of Whitney Wisconsin has been a topic of curiosity for many people.

Most of all, is Whitney Wisconsin’s death really true or just false rumors on the internet? Let’s find out in this article.

Whitney Wisconsin Death

Whitney Wisconsin has been “dead” to social media not once but twice. In 2021, there were false claims of Whitney Wisconsin’s death. It turned out that she was well and alive even then. Moreover, she was posting actively till the February of 2023. Hence, it has been proven that both rumors were, in fact, just rumors and completely fake.

Wisconsin’s death was taken out as a curious question by a Twitter user as she tweeted, “Rumor on the internet is that Whitney died, what’s the truth?”. A commenter commented on Whitney’s Twitter account saying that she is “literally alive.”

To this day, her death has been falsified, and both times, she had been alive.

Who is Whitney Wisconsin?

Amy Lynn, widely known as Whitney Wisconsin is rumored to be dead but she’s alive.

Whitney Wisconsin made herself known to everyone after she indulged in making pornographic content. A lot of people were violated in the making of such content, and the police arrested her soon after learning the truth back in 2018.

Wisconsin’s real name is Amy Lynn. On her social media, she has a decent fan following. Whitney can be seen posting rather sexual content about herself, which violates community guidelines.

Moreover, she has been a part of several controversies, including the one where she got arrested for making pornographic videos along with the fake controversies of her death.

Whitney Wisconsin Arrested

Whitney Wisconsin Arrested
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Whitney was arrested in 2017 for the first time for making pornographic content in Badger State businesses. These videos were considered extremely offensive under the Badger state guidelines.

The Eau Claire Police Department allowed for the arrest of Whitney. A number of Eau Claire establishments were used in the making of offensive and indecent videos of Amy Lynn and her boyfriend. The couple had allegedly been selling such videos to adult websites.

The Eau Claire County Court charged Lynn with misdemeanor counts of lewd, lascivious behavior and three misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct. Whitney, whose actual name is Amy, seemed to be using her name Whitney Winconsin as a name for the pornographic websites. The identity of both her and boyfriend was soon revealed, and she was arrested right after.

Whitney Wisconsin in Jail

Whitney Wisconsin in Jail

Winconsin was put to jail in 2018. Her offensive action led to her getting imprisoned for 9 months.

While she was arrested in 2017 and extradited to Wisconsin, she continued making such videos and content even there. Eau Claire County Judge John Manydeeds provided her with a probationary period of one year.

The charges of lewd and Lascivious behavior, one count of defamation, and two counts of disorderly conduct were placed on her on 12 June.

As a part of her probation, Amy Lynn had to keep away from using her name “Whitney Wisconsin,” on any website on the internet. This served as a part of her probation. Likewise, she was completely prohibited from contacting her victim, who was the one to contact the authorities about her actions and misconduct.

Furthermore, she has been banned from brands like Oakwood Mall, Starbucks, and Kwik Trip. Lynn also had to give up her smartphone during the probationary period. She had to take a mental health assessment treatment in order to fulfill the necessities of the probationary period.

There were, however, rumors that she had gone against the rules that were set for her during the probationary period.

Whitney Wisconsin Personal Life and Family

Whitney had been a part of the whole fiasco only because she did something that violated the rules and conduct of a certain place. She was living her life as a normal person before everything went downhill for her in 2017.

Hence, there has not been any revelation about her personal life or family in public to this day. Neither her parents nor relatives have come ahead to claim her as their child or relative either. Moreover, her childhood and personal life, besides her boyfriend, still remain a mystery to all.

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Whitney Wisconsin Social Media

Whitney Wisconsin Personal Life and Family social media

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Whitney Wisconsin dead?

No, Whitney Wisconsin is not dead. She is alive and well to this date. And it has been evident as she posts pictures and videos of herself on her social media pages every now and then.

Who is Whitney Wisconsin’s boyfriend?

Amy Lynn, or Whitney Wisconsin, had been using a false name, “Whitney Wisconsin,” to post pornographic content with her boyfriend Erio Oliver. Oliver was found by Bonifay Police Department in September 2016. He was extradited along with Lynn to Eau Claire County and charged felony for child pornography.

Where is Whitney Wisconsin from?

Wisconsin or Amy Lynn Lew is from San Francisco Bay Area.

What is Whitney Wisconsin’s real name?

Whitney Wisconsin’s real name is Amy Lynn Lew. However, she has been using Whitney Wisconsin, as a getaway from her real identity to publicize pornographic content on the internet.

What did Amy Lynn do?

Amy Lynn Lew was arrested for making inappropriate and illegal child pornographic content and selling it to other such websites with her boyfriend Erio Oliver. After she was arrested and given a probationary period, she broke the period as well. Lynn had to spend 9 months in jail and was prohibited from using her phone for a whole year. Likewise, she has been banned from coming any close to her victim and a few listed private properties in Wisconsin.

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