Where is Zeke and Luther star Daniel Curtis Lee Now?

Zeke and Luther is one of the most popular shows on the Disney XD channel. A lot of people know Daniel Curtis Lee from the show itself.

Fans of the show have always been fond of Lee’s humor and role in the show. Though Lee is not very active on the show biz, he still has a star factor in him that helped the actor create a loyal fanbase.

Many fans of the sitcom still wonder where Lee went after the show ended. Hence, we have packed everything that you need to know about the show and its star Daniel Lee Curtis in this article.

Who Played Kojo in Zeke and Luther?

Daniel Curtis Lee plays the role of Kojo in Zeke and Luther. Zeke and Luther was Daniel’s fifth project after starting his acting career. And the young actor has made a name for himself from this show.

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In the sitcom, Lee plays the role of Kornelius “Kojo” Jonesworth. Kojo is almost like the antagonist of this show in the initial few episodes.

The feud between Kojo and Zeke and Luther is mostly because the former considers himself a better skater than the latter.

Daniel Curtis Lee in Zeke and Luther

Daniel Curtis Lee in Zeke and Luther

Daniel Curtis Lee plays the role of Kojo phenomenally. In an interview with Sentinel post the release of Zeke and Luther, he mentioned that he never considered himself an “actor”. The young star also added that he is nothing but an entertainer.

Needless to say, his performance in the show justifies how witty and phenomenal he is in playing the role of Kojo. Lee was so invested in his role as Kojo that it becomes hard for people to even tell whether he is really acting or he possesses the character of the skater in real life.

In the show, Kojo has the reputation as “the best skater in town”. And, he makes sure to let everyone know, especially Zeke and Luther, about it.

Besides this, Kojo is also seen never leaving any effort to call Zeke and Luther losers.

Where is Zeke and Luther star Daniel Curtis Lee Now? 

Daniel Curtis Lee has been working in the entertainment industry since 2004. The actor then appeared on Zeke and Luther.

The show premiered in 2009 and was a total success. But like any other show, Zeke and Luther came to an end with its final episode that was aired on February 28, 2011. Daniel Curtis Lee got the fame that he needed to boost his career from this show.

And even today, fans remember him as the rebellious and funny Kornelius “Kojo” Jonesworth.

Kojo Zeke and Luther

Kojo Zeke and Luther

Lee’s character in the show, Kojo, does not take a liking to either Zeke or Luther. Hence, the rivalry goes on in the show between Zeke and Luther, and Kojo until a few turns of events help them get on good terms.

There is a lot to remember about Lee’s role in the sitcom. As rebellious as he is, he is just as funny and this factor makes it hard for his fans to forget him. Kojo calls his girlfriend “female ladies”. And, he is seen to be dating a tall and super-attractive model in one of the episodes of the show. Likewise, in one of the episodes, he also develops a crush on Mia who happens to be Zeke’s cousin.

Moreover, “Dastardly Skate” sponsors Kojo in the show. Another wholesome fact about Jonesworth is that he loves turkey jerky, as revealed by one of his best friends in an episode of the show.

Not much about his family is shown in the show. But, in the episode  “Luck Be a Rodent Tonight”, his mom’s name is revealed to be Nancy.

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