What is the Meaning Behind Tim Henson’s Tattoos?

Tim Henson rocks his tattoos like no other. The metal star has more tattoos in his bodies than you may imagine!

Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson is more famous for his tattoos than he is for his music. And, this is not even a bad thing.

Henson is obsessed with tattoos, and fans love to find meaning in his tattoos. He has pretty aesthetic-looking tattoos on his body.

In this article, we have collected every piece of information a Polyphia fan may need about Tim Henson tattoos.

Who is Tim Henson?

Who is Tim Henson?

Tim Henson is the guitarist of the rock and metal band Polyphia. He was born in 1993 in Texas, The United States of America.

People know him for both his music and his love for tattoos. Tim was only 20 when he started playing for Polyphia in 2010. Likewise, the musician has tattoos almost all over his body, and he sure knows how to rock it.

He is one of the most popular members of his rock band, and people all around America know him for his love for tattoos. While his music career, love for tattoos, and origin are open to the public like an open book, many people still do not have access to his private life.

This is because he values the privacy of his family. And the music star has not yet revealed the identity of his family members to the public.

Besides this, Henson lives a very lowkey and private life.

Tim Henson Hand Tattoo

Tim Henson Hand Tattoo

Tim is all about vibes and serving the aesthetics. Hence, he has a full sleeve tattoo on both his arms. He got himself inked at the very start of his career.

Though fans can see his tattoos, the star has not yet revealed the meaning of any of his tattoos. Because he is very private, he is more about music in front of the fans.

Despite fans’ curiosity, Henson has yet to discuss his hand tattoos openly.

Tim Henson Neck Tattoo

Tim Henson Neck Tattoo

Henson has a tattoo on his neck. The ink-obsessed guitarist always wore clothes that fit his look and showed his tattoos off.

The tattoo on his neck shows a demonic figure with flowers on the side. This tattoo certainly has a meaning. He is, for sure, one to always relate to and follow pop culture. But this does not mean he does not have a style of his own.

His neck tattoo shows his origin in the Asian community.


How Many Tattoos Does Tim Henson Have?

How Many Tattoos Does Tim Henson Have?

The rock band member has a tattoo on his belly, chest, arms, neck, and belly. He also has been sporting tattoos on his hands.

Henson is a big-time tattoo enthusiast. There have been several pictures of the young guitarist posing with his tattoo on display.

Though he has not yet expressed his love for tattoos verbally to fans or the tabloids, his obsession can be seen in the pictures he has publicized on the internet to this day.

A lot of these pictures show his tattoos. And it would be a crime to separate Tim from his tattoos while describing him.

Tim Henson Girlfriend

Tim Henson Girlfriend Angelica Paris

Henson is in a relationship with Angelica Paris. She was born in 1996, making her 3 years younger than Tim. Paris is 26 years old as of the year 2023.

Paris identifies herself as a living doll. She is very famous on her social media accounts as one, and she follows a Coquette aesthetic. A lot of young girls have been following her and loving her style.

Besides this, the couple have been dating for quite some years now. And they have not gotten married. However, they got engaged on the 3rd of December 2022. The couple is happily together to this day.

They are planning to get married soon.

Fans were in love with the picture that the couple posted on Halloween. They were both dressed up as angels. And Angelica also mentioned that the costume was their Halloween attire and how they are in real life.

They sure are a match made in heaven. The pair even shared a house before they got engaged. Paris made an Instagram post of them posing in front of the bathroom mirror as she mentioned their house is complete.

She wrote in the caption, “ mini closing day photo dump; my story saw it first ~ but yeah, our home is finally done being built !! they have to touch up a few things, and then we still need to move in, but we’re so excited! ty everyone who already messaged me congratulating ♡ Love you all”.

The couple is always showered with lots of love every time they make a post together.

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Does Tim Henson have tattoos?

Yes, Tim has a lot of tattoos on his body, including his belly, neck, chest, arms, etc.

Who plays guitar in Polyphia?

Tim Henson and Scott LePage play guitar in Polyphia.

What style is Polyphia?

Polyphia is a Progressive rock math rock instrumental rock trap.

How did Tim Henson learn guitar?

Tim learned guitar as an escape from the violin.

Who is the leader of Polyphia?

Tim Henson is the leader of Polyphia.

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