Inside Svetozar Marinkovic and Robin Givens’ Ill-Fated Relation

While marriage ties two people for years and years until death, there are some which last for a few hours only. Not to mention “Hollywood marriages” surface a worse success rate. One of the exemplary failed marriages in the industry is one of Batwoman star Robin Givens and Svetozar Marinkovic, which lasted for eight hours. Further, the world is also aware of Givens and his first ex-husband Mike Tyson’s toxic marriage.

Owing to the fact of Robin Givens and Svetozar Marinkovic’s short-lived marriage, the public is curious to reason behind instant marriage regret.

Let’s find out!!!

Who Is Svetozar Marinkovic?

Svetozar Marinkovic

Svetozar Marinković was born in Yugoslavia. Since he was in the limelight for a short period of time, we lag in keeping his info such as date of birth, birthplace, parents, siblings, and academics.

It is only known that Marinković is a tennis instructor. He met Robin Givens in 1997 while playing tennis, and he was her coach. After being partnered with a celebrity, he was dragged into the spotlight.

Svetozar Marinkovic’s Ex-Wife: Robin Givens

Mike Tyson and Robin Givens
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Robin Givens is an American actress known for Head of the Class (1986), The Women of Brewster Place (1989), Boomerang (1992), Ambitions (2019), and Batwoman (2021-22).

New York native Robin Givens was born on 27th January 1964 to Ruth Roper Givens and Reuben Givens. She has a sister, Stephane, and both of them were raised by their mother in Mount Vernon and New Rochelle, New York. The Givens family is Catholic.

Before pursuing her acting career, Given modeled as a teen. She was featured in various magazines, including Seventeen and Mademoiselle.

By fourteen, she made her film debut in The Wiz (1978), portraying as a guest at Aunt Emma’s Party.

Upon graduating from New Rochelle Academy at 15, Givens attended Sarah Lawrence College, majoring in pre-medical. She was one of the youngest to attend college. In 1984, she graduated at the age of 19.

Passionate about acting, she acted in daytime dramas while in college.

Earlier, Givens said she dropped out of Harvard Medical School to pursue her acting career. However, the registrar’s office showed she never applied. Later, it was disclosed she took courses at the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

In 1985, Givens earned a spot as a guest on The Cosby Show, with Bill Cosby becoming her mentor. Bill convinced her to drop out of school and promised that if she did not succeed in two years, he’d get her back into medical school and pay her tuition.

Soon after, Givens landed a role in Diff’rent Strokes and the television film Beverly Hills Madam in 1986. What’s more? Givens had her breakthrough role as rich girl Darlene Merriman on Head of the Class the same year. And the rest is history.

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Svetozar Marinkovic And Robin Givens Were Married For Eight Hours


In 1997, Svetozar Marinkovic and Robin Givens tied the knot. However, the marriage came out as a huge failure as they moved apart the day they were married. Within months, Robin filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. The public was shocked at what went so wrong that they had to split up just a few hours after tying the knot.

However, this was not the first failed marriage for Givens. She was previously married to the boxer Mike Tyson. After dating for a few months, they wedded on 7th February 1988. The couple was featured in a Diet Pepsi commercial as well as on the cover of Life magazine.

Nevertheless, after a few months of marriage, their relationship turned sour following Given’s miscarriage. On the contrary, Tyson claims Givens’s pregnancy was a tactic to rush him to the wedding. Further, he called the pregnancy was nothing but a hoax because Givens never gained a pound. The marriage only brought traumatization to me, Tyson said.

In September 1988, Givens and Tyson together gave a joint interview on 20/20. In the show, she revealed living with Tyson was torture, pure hell, worse than anything she could imagine. Further, she describes the boxer as a volatile-tempered person who was abusive before they wed.

Further, Givens filed for divorce against Mike, citing spousal abuse, in October 1988.

But the case did not end with divorce. Givens faced national hatred, particularly within sports and the African-American community. Tyson accused her of taking his fortune. Subsequently, Givens filed a $125 million libel suit for defamation of character. Their divorce was finalized on 14th February 1989.

Headlines heralded her as a “Gold Digger” who married Tyson only for his millions. They did not have a prenuptial agreement, Givens denied receiving a reported divorce settlement of over $10 million.

Did Svetozar Marinkovic Re-Married?

Well, there is less to no information about Svetozar Marinkovic’s current relationship status. He just vanished from the media after splitting with actress Robin Givens. It’s been over two decades, so he might have re-married and has a family.

Meanwhile, Robin Givens did not wed again following two failed marriages. However, she was soon paired with American tennis player Murphy Jensen. In 1999, she was blessed with a baby boy William “Billy” Jensen, with Murphy.

His partnership with the tennis player did not get a long way. They broke up in 2002 since the actress reportedly lives a single life.

In 1993 Givens adopted Michael “Buddy” Givens. She is a mother of two.

Net Worth

As aforementioned, Svetozar Marinkovic lives his life entirely away from celebrity status. It’s not sure if he is still into tennis coaching. If yes, the average income of a tennis coach in the united states is $50025 per annum.

Svetozar Marinkovic’s net worth is under review. His wife of eight hours, Robin Givens, net worth in 2023 is estimated at $1 million.


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