The Role of Suchi Purja in Nims’s Mountaineering Success

Suchi Purja, the strong woman behind the world’s best mountaineer, Nirmal Purja or Nims dai. Starred in the film documentary: 14: Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible, Suchi, wife of Nims Purja, is acknowledged as a supportive wife and a role model.

Who Is Suchi Purja?

Suchi Purja is famous as the wife of Nepali-born British mountaineer Nirmal Purja.

Mrs. Purja was born on 11th November 1989 to Tej Gurung, a Gurkha Soldier, and Suku Gurung. She was raised alongside her younger brother, Tejan Gurung, who eventually followed in his father’s footsteps and joined Gurkha Soldier.

It is believed that Suchi Purja was born in Nepal and later relocated to England with her family. She is a graduate of the University of Plymouth.

By profession, she is a Dental Hygienist/Therapist. As of January 2020, she also serves as one of the directors at NimsDai Foundation (previously: Mountain Philanthropy Limited) in Esteight, Hampshire, England.

Suchi Purja In 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible

Suchi Purja In 14 Peaks

The documentary film 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible follows Nirmal Purja and his extraordinary mission to complete the ascent of 14 eight-thousanders within 7 months. Not to mention, the previous record was over 7 years.

The documentary featured: Nims alongside other Nepali climbers and an Italian climber Reinhold Messner talking about eight-thousanders and Purja’s mission. Further, Purja’s family was documented, including his mother, brothers, and wife, Suchi Purja.

Suchi, in the film, which was not scripted, appeared to be a very humble and supportive wife. Her real-life character was praised and loved by all.

In the film, Suchi mentioned how 8000er mountaineering is dangerous, but she knew how her spouse would be driven to achieve his goals.

Also, she remembers how focused and disciplined her husband is while applying for the British Special Forces. Nims’ daily routine: waking up at 3 AM daily to run 20 kilometers with a 75-pound bag on his back. Hard work Paid Off!!! Nims was selected as a member of the Gurkha regiment for the Special Boat Service, becoming the first Gurkha ever in the British Unit.

And when Nims’ “Project Possible” got underway, Suchi was unafraid of it. Instead, she was proud and helped with the background administration. Also, she stated, ” For me, no news is good news.”

After the release of 14 Peaks: Nothing Impossible, Nims and his wife became celebrities overnight, they have been called by various international media for interviews.

Not only Suchi Purja but her husband is equally proud to have her.

Nims Purja said, “I am so thankful I have such a beautiful wife who was super supportive and let me do what I love doing. I think in every couple’s life, if you restrict a person from doing what they love, then that person is not going to be happy, and if that husband or wife is not happy, it’s not going to be a happy family.”

When Did Nirmal & Suchi Purja Tie The Knot?

nirmal purja suchi purja

The exact date when Nims Purja and Suchi Purja got married is under review. However, social media has made it relatively more accessible, at least to guess. To those who do not know, Suchi Purja is a social butterfly. She updates almost all things happening in her life via Instagram.

It is assumed Nims and Suchi have been together since 2008 and possibly married on the new year 1st of January. Scrolling her Instagram, it is found she wishes the anniversary of their beginning on the new year.

In June 2022, the couple announced the beginning of the transition to parenthood. In August 2022, their baby girl, Himani Purja, was born.

Besides, the Purja family has a pet named Enzo.

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Suchi Purja’s Instagram

As of March 2023, Suchi Purja has amassed over 21.4k followers on her Instagram. After the birth of Himani Purja, she frequently features the cute baby girl on her socials. Besides, one can observe her glamorous British lifestyle on Instagram.

Net Worth As of 2023

As of 2023, Suchi Purja has an estimated net worth of $500,000. As reported, the average salary of dentists in the United Kingdom is £79,621 per annum. On the other hand, her husband, Nims Purja, is a millionaire. No doubt, the Purja family is living a lavish lifestyle.


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