Steven Crowder Breast Augmentation Surgery and Health Updates

Steven Crowder has had breast augmentation surgery despite his claims of “hating” transgender people. Let us find out more about Steven Crowder and why he got his chest done.

Stephen Crowder Bio

Name Stephen Crowder
Profession Political commentator and media person
Ex-wife Hilary Crowder
Father Darrin S. Crowder
Mother Francine Crowder
Siblings Jordan Crowder
Height 6’2
Nationality American
Date of birth July 7, 1987

Steven Crowder has always been very vocal about his opinions on other people, especially the ones from the transgender community. However, there has been confirmed news about him getting breast augmentation surgery. It is almost hard to believe that is so opinionated somehow publicized a breast augmentation surgery.

We have written everything you need about Steven Crowder’s breast augmentation surgery in this article.

Who is Steven Crowder?

Who is Steven Crowder?

Steven Crowder is an American political commentator, comedian, and youtube personality. He has been very active on his Youtube channel, “Louder with Crowder.” Crowder was born on July 7, 1987, in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. His father and mother are Darrin and Francine Crowder, respectively. He completed his education at ‘Centennial Regional High School’ and ‘Champlain College,’ Vermont, U.S.A. Steven comes from a very conservative Christian family. He grew up with his brother Jordan.

Crowder has had a tough childhood, as he has always been quiet and reserved. He was bullied in school. And, when he tried his hands on stand-up comedy in college, he shared that one of his professors laughed and told him he was not made for “stand-up comedy.” However, Steven fulfilled his dream of becoming a comedian after he gave his comedy career a kick start with the ‘Just for Laughs’ comedy festival.

Likewise, at the age of 21, he became the youngest Fox News commentator. His career has only gone uphill after this.

The young YouTuber has been a victim of controversies. Meanwhile, he has been one to never let his thoughts about strong topics remain inside him. The media personality has gained as many haters as he has gained followers with his work.

Steven Crowder Breast Augmentation Surgery

Steven Crowder Breast Augmentation Surgery

Steven has had breast augmentation surgery. And people are very critical of it. Crowder is one such person that will criticize what he does not like. To a lot of points, what he has done seems very unfair to those who have been the victims of his criticism.

A Twitter user, Liam Nissan, made a tweet that a lot of people on the platform agreed with. In the tweet, he wrote, “Steven Crowder literally got himself a b**b job, but he still wants to ban drag shows for everybody else. Make that make sense to me, chucklef**ks.”

Nissan sarcastically added, “B**bs for me, not for thee.” Likewise, a bunch of commenters were trolling him in the comment section for what he had done. The hate is increasing on the Twitter thread a lot more because Steven has always made blatant statements about drag queens or transgender people.

A lot of people, on the other hand, have also shared their opinions on how the breast surgery clearly did not seem to work for Crowder.

Why did Steven Crowder get breast augmentation surgery?

Crowder is obsessed with health and fitness. Breast augmentation surgery is one such procedure that helps people get a better and bigger physique. The media person clearly wanted to look bigger with a larger-looking chest.

Though he may have initially kept the surgery a secret, the news got out one way or another.

Steven Crowder plastic surgery

The 35-year-old got his breasts done a few days before his wife gave birth to their twins. The surgery was done in his chest, where titanium rods were inserted inside of him. This was mostly to cure the congenital condition of pectus excavatum.

After this surgery, the political commentator suffered from a collapsed lung. This happened due to excess fluid collection in his lung. He defined the pain to be “Excruciatingly painful.” The surgery took place back in August 2021. His wife gave birth in the same month, and he could not be there for them because of his surgery.

Crowder got lots of criticism from the public for being shallow towards his wife and kids, even in such a beautiful and crucial moment of their lives. Likewise, Ring footage showed that the couple fought before Steven left his home to get elective surgery. He left the house after the argument. But the worse part about the fight was that his wife was already 8 months pregnant when he left.

This is also why people are so angry at him on the internet, and they are siding with his wife for this reason.

Steven, on the other hand, claimed that his chest was caving in his heart. This led him to take the pectus surgery to locate his heart properly while protecting it from his chest. This surgery has corrected the shape of his chest.


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Steven Crowder Health Update 2023

Crowder has been better than ever in 2023. His surgery has healed with time over almost two years. In the same way, there has not been any negative news or gossip about anything related to his health.

However, he has been a part of a controversy about his wife Hilary Crowder. He married her in 2012. She filed for divorce in 2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happened to Steven Crowder and his wife?

Steven said in an episode of his podcast, Louder with Crowder, that his wife filed for divorce in 2021. However, they have recently been officially divorced in the year 2023.

Does Steven Crowder have kids?

Yes, he has a pair of twins with his ex-wife Hilary Crowder. Steven has been criticized for not visiting his wife and kids after she birthed them. The YouTuber was not able to go because of his elective surgery.

Did Steven Crowder have breast augmentation surgery?

Yes, Steven Crowder has had breast augmentation surgery because of his narrow chest closing in towards his heart. On the other hand, many viewers of his podcast have claimed that he did so mostly to increase the size of his chest.

What did Steven Crowder do to Hilary Crowder?

Hilary has accused her ex-husband of emotionally torturing her. In the same way, a Ring video of the couple showed disturbing footage of an angry Crowder fighting his pregnant wife, who was going 8 months at that moment.

Who are Steven Crowder’s children?

Steven has a pair of twins. They were born in August 2021.

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