Stephen Vogt Net Worth: Age, Bio, Height, Marriage, Career

Stephen Vogt Bio

Date Of Birth November 1, 1984.
Birthplace Visalia, California
Age 37
Height 1.83 m (6 feet)
Weight Around 81 Kg
Father Name Randy Vogt
Mother Name Toni Vogt
Marital Status Married
Spouse Alyssa Vogt
Children Three (Payton, Clark and Bennett
Net Worth  $2 million (Approx.)

Stephen Vogt is an American former professional baseball catcher who played for the Oakland Athletics, Milwaukee Brewers, San Francisco Giants, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Atlanta Braves in Major League Baseball (MLB). Athletes’ net worth fluctuates over their careers from time to time. Looking at his career, Vogt was an MLB All-Star in 2015 and 2016 and contributed most to the team as a baseball catcher. Without any further, let’s continue to know about Stephen Vogt’s net worth occasionally, as it has varied over time.

Stephen Vogt’s Net Worth

Stephen Vogt net worth

Stephen Vogt’s net worth is estimated at $2 million as of 2023. His primary source of income derived from his successful career in professional baseball, where throughout his career, his net worth has grown significantly along with his contracts. During his agreements with MLB, his net value continued to ascend upward, and by 2023, his net worth was massive.

To sum it up, in 2019, his net worth was $900k, which rose to $1 million in 2020. His growth didn’t stop there as he continued to succeed; his net worth increased to $1.2 Million by 2021 and $1.3 Million in 2022. Undoubtedly, Vogt currently holds a net value of $ 2 million as of 2023.

Stephen Vogt Contracts and Salary

Regarding his career contracts, Vogt agreed to terms with Oakland athletics, where he signed a contract for a year with $850k. Along with the arrangements, he received a one-year deal that guaranteed him a minimum salary of $850,000, with an average annual wage of $850,000. Moreover, he was also a free agent, where he could receive a $100,000 bonus if he continued to remain consistent for 60 days in the active major league roster.

To sum it up, In total, Vogt would earn $850,000 for his services in 2022, which includes a base salary of $850,000. Without a doubt, he would face any financial crisis with this money. Due to his retirement from baseball, his source of income had shifted from his salary to sponsorships and other ventures.

Stephen Vogt: Early Life, Career and Education

Stephen Vogt was born in Visalia, California, on November 1, 1984. His passion for baseball was from a very young age. His father started coaching Stephen in the Little League and the Babe Ruth League when he was four. At nine, he started playing as a catcher and quickly proved to be deserved in that position. His fast learning skills had always made him choose any desired places, and when he realized that his teammates wouldn’t go for the catcher and instead go for the middle of the infield, he decided to go for a catcher.

Moving on to his education, Vogt attended Central Valley Christian Schools, where his father was the team’s coach. Talking about his school career, he was voted the most valuable East Sierra League’s and continued his journey. Moreover, during college, he played catcher for the Azusa Pacific Cougars for four years; later, in 2005, he was awarded the Golden State Athletic Conference player of the year with .453 with 67 hits. He showed the best in his whole school and college life and had always impressed their coach to choose him.

He has shown a relentless drive to succeed and a commitment to his craft, making him formidable in his field throughout his career.

Stephen Vogt Age: How old Is He?

Stephen Vogt net worth

As of 2023, Stephen Vogt is 37 years old and was born in Visalia, California, on November 1, 1984.

His zodiac sign is Scorpio, and he is known for being resourceful, passionate, and determined.

Stephen Vogt Height and Weight: How tall is He?

Stephen Vogt’s height is listed at 1.83 m tall or 6 feet in Inches. However, there has been no official disclosure of his weight as of now. Nonetheless, this is just an assumption based on his images; however, we don’t have factual information regarding his weight. Rest assured, if any official news regarding his weight occurs, we will update our article as soon as possible.

Stephen Vogt’s Wife: Is he Married?

Stephen Vogt family children spouse wife

Stephen Vogt has been happily married to his wife, Alyssa Vogt, and the couple is blessed with three lovely children: Payton and sons Clark and Bennett Vogt. Stephen Vogt and Alyssa Vogt’s love story began when they both attended Azusa Pacific University and bonded over time. It’s always heartwarming to see a love story that started in the early days of adulthood and continued for a long time.

Despite his baseball career, he had always shown time to his family and made a great effort to be close to them. There have been no signs of any arguments or issues within the family, and the couple seems to enjoy their life to the fullest with their children.

Stephen Vogt Family and Siblings

Stephen Vogt was born to his parents, his father, Randy Vogt, and his mother, Toni Vogt. His father, Randy, is a respected coach who has led the Cavaliers baseball team to many victories. Similarly, his mother, Toni, is an accomplished businesswoman, the owner, and the president of the PRISM weight loss program. Baseball has been part of Stephen’s family as Two of Stephen Vogt’s uncles played baseball for the University of California, and his father pitched for Fresno State.

Nonetheless, it has greatly influenced his interest in the sport from a young age, and it is no wonder why Stephen became such a successful player. Talking about his siblings, Stephen has one brother, Danny Vogt; however, there is not much information regarding him. It is unclear whether Danny is involved in baseball like his father and brother or if he has pursued a different path.

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Is he On Instagram?

So far, we haven’t found his Instagram handle yet.

But, we did find his Twitter account under the username @SVogt1229, which has 34.6k followers as of April 2023.


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