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Sophia Rosing Parents – Kentucky University Student Who Repeatedly Hurled Racist Slur

Sophia Rosing has been in the news for a while now. This 22-year-old girl from a university in Lexington, Kentucky, has surprised everyone with all the racial slurs she blurted out at her school’s front desk officer.

This was surprising to a lot of her university mates.

And a lot of people who know about her are also very curious about her parents. Sophia claims that her parents are rich and would try to cover her mistakes for her.

This article covers everything you may want to know about Sophia Rosing’s parents.

Who are Sophia Rosing’s Parents?

Who are Sophia Rosing’s Parents

Sophia has caused outrage from the public, not only for herself but also for her parents. It is hard to believe that someone could be so young and still have such a terrible way of wording.

A lot of people have also been questioning her upbringing. This is where her parents come in.

Rosing’s father is Paul Donald Rosing Jr., and her mother is Jill Algie Rosing. The accused is the youngest child of the couple. Rosing lives in her parent’s three-room house in Kentucky.

Both her parents are very concerned about what may happen to Sophia’s future. The parents defending their daughter in this situation was enough to raise eyebrows.

Mother of racist University of Kentucky student

Mother of racist university of kentucky student

Jill Algie Rosing started a petition to have her daughter Sophia given a second chance at her mistake.

Yet, a lot of people have been going against this petition. On the other hand, around 1000 people signed the petition as they believed that the 22-year-old deserved a chance to complete her education.

Likewise, the victim, Kylah Spring, is against the university taking her back instead of expelling her. The verbal racist abuse towards Kylah continued, and it shocked everyone who witnessed it happen.

Rosing blurted out 200 indecent, racial words to the front desk officer. This did not only create a negative impact on the victim but also on the students present there as well as the university as a whole.

Spring along with the onlookers, said that Sophia called Kylah ‘ugly n***** b****’. The victim recalls Rosing saying, ‘Do my chores,’ ‘It’s not my fault that you’re Black,’ ‘It’s not my fault you’re ugly,’ ‘You’re ugly and Black.’ Spring also said that Sophia was completely drunk when she came to the front desk.

The desk clerk shared in an emotional speech that she was also physically attacked by Rosing.

Another student, who also happens to be the former classmate of the accused, called her a bully. This has added fuel to the fire for Rosing.

According to DailyMail.com, her classmate said that Sophia cyberbullied a 15-year-old girl. She threatened to leak her nudes and even falsely told everyone that she had an abortion.

Jill thinks that this incident should not have let her daughter stop herself from getting a good education. The university, however, has already expelled Sophia.

Sophia Rosing’s Parent’s Net Worth

Sophia Rosing's Parent's Net Worth

The 22-year-old culprit demanded the cops to give her special treatment while almost being behind bars because her parents were “rich.”

This statement has made a lot of people curious as to whether or not her parents are actually as rich as she claims them to be. But, her parent’s net worth has still not been disclosed to the public.

Sophia’s dad Paul Donald Rosing works for Messer Construction Co., a construction manager, and general contractor company, as a Technology Executive. A lot of their relatives have been refusing to confirm this as it may affect his career as well.

Her mother, Jill, has not yet disclosed her profession.

$10,000 Bond at Fayette County Detention Center

Sophia Rosing $10,000 Bond at Fayette County Detention Center

It is evident from the fact that her parents came to the court on her behalf that Sophia’s parents are very protective of their daughter after what had happened.

The parents also requested the court to refer to their daughter as “Jane Doe” to keep her identity confidential.

The former business and marketing major not only verbally abused Kylah but also tried to abuse and bite the police officers physically. This has prohibited the former college influencer from getting physically close to the front desk officer.

The 22-year-old’s release terms also restricted her from returning to Boyd Hall and drinking alcohol.

Sophia’s lawyer said that she would be taken to rehab to address her issue. And she will also be given “racial sensitivity training.”

Besides this, Rosing has also been dismissed from her College Fashionista membership. Her partnership with the Dillard Department store has also been canceled post the incident.

As for her father’s job, nothing has been spoken about publicly.

Paul and Jill were seen in court as they posted the $10,000 bond at Fayette County Detention Center. Sophia was present through a video call while the trial took place.

Rosing pleaded not guilty to charges of being drunk in public, assault in the third degree, assault in the fourth degree, and disorderly conduct in the second degree.

As soon as the bond was posted, Sophia left the detention. The parents tried to conceal the face of their daughter with whatever object they had in their hands.

Sophia Rosing’s Parents Apology

Sophia Rosing's Parents Apology

Rosing sure created a hellfire to live in for her parents. Her father has been quiet ever since he got out of the court.

Sophia’s mother tried her best to get as many signatures in the petition to get her daughter back to the university. Contrary to Jill Rosing’s plead, the university has permanently banned her daughter from the premises.

Likewise, Rosing has been trying to convince everyone that she was under the influence and did not intend to do what she did to Spring.

While the whole world has been describing her as Kentucky’s racist student, she opened up about her feelings on Instagram, telling everyone that she is not a racist.

Rosing’s parents have not yet apologized on behalf of their daughter. Similarly, Sophia has not directly posted an apology toward Spring.

Kylah, on the other hand, told NewsOne that she was not surprised about this.

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