What happened to Samantha Ann Clark? Obituary

(Heartfelt condolence to popular TikTok star Samantha Ann Clark, who tragically passed away at the age of 17 after a long battle with brain cancer.)

Samantha Ann Clark, a sensation TitToker from Utah, United States, died at seventeen due to brain cancer. Her beloved husband, Brayden G, made the tragic announcement via an emotional TikTok post.

Samantha Ann Clark Obituary was released by her family, as well as live-streamed her memorial service.

This is how I have dreamt of leaving my mark on the world, by sharing my story with all of you guys‘ said Samantha on her TikTok.

Samantha Ann Clark Obituary

Samantha Ann Clark Obituary

Samantha Ann May Clark’s funeral services were held on 26 January 2023 at 11:00 AM at Anderson & Sons Mortuary in American Fork, Utah.

Further, a viewing was held from 9:30 to 10:45 AM before the service, as mentioned in Samantha Ann Clark Obituary by Anderson and Sons Mortuary.

Her body was given final resting at the American Fork Cemetery.

Samantha Ann May Clark TikTok

Samantha Ann May Clark TikTok

Samantha Ann May Clark posted her first video on Titktok In June 2019, but it was not about her cancer. From her very next video in 2020, she began sharing about cancer, beginning with the Chemo.

She became the public interest after sharing her terminal brain cancer journey in a heartbreaking TikTok video, amassing 241.3K followers on her account Sammy Ann. She detailed her symptoms, her harsh daily life as 17 years 4th stage cancer patient, and her wish lists.

On 20th January 2023, Samantha’s husband posted a video via her TikTok, updating the TikTok fans regarding his wife with terminal cancer.

Who Was Samantha Ann May Clark?

Samantha Ann frequently discussed her battle with cancer in her videos, providing regular updates to her fans about her health status.
Samantha Ann frequently discussed her battle with cancer in her videos, providing regular updates to her fans about her health status.

Orem, Utah native Samantha was born on 2nd May 2005. She was a Taurus.

Samantha was only two years when she was diagnosed with ependymoma, a rare brain cancer. Samantha developed a tumor on the left side of her brain. Following this, she began having seizures attack, and eventually, one side of her body stopped functioning.

Soon, she underwent emergency surgery to remove it. However, cancer found its way back into her life two years later. Though doctors continued to treat Samantha’s cancer after that, unfortunately, the disease kept returning and returning.

For more than three years, Samantha went through chemotherapy which resulted in severe blisters and hives all over her body.

But the disease does not stop her from living a normal life. Her top priorities were her schooling and school activities: FFA, student council, and school rodeo, as well as participating in various sports, softball, cheerleading, and golf.

Further, her grades were good at Spring Creek High School.

Tik tok social media shattered by death of Tik Toker samantha ann clark
The heartbreaking announcement made through a TikTok video has deeply affected the followers, resulting in a wave of devastation across various social media platforms.

Family Members

Samantha Ann May Clark was the daughter of Kimberly Clark and Ryan Clark. Her paternal grandparents were: Craig Clark and Vicky Clark. Further, her grandparents from her mother’s side were Carl Richins and Carmen Richins.

She had three brothers: Diesel, Isaiah Ocana, and Dylan Clark.

I really hope this goes away and that I don’t end up losing my eyesight from the terminal cancer 🙏🎗#braincancer #hospice #cancerkidsfirst #nursetok #spredingawareness #terminal #triggerwarning #storytime #childhoodcancerawareness

Samantha Ann Clark Husband

Samantha Ann Clark Husband Brayden Gottfried

Before counting her final breaths, Samantha Ann Clark lived her life to the fullest with her loving husband, Brayden Gottfried. They tied the knot on 6th August 2022 in an intimate yet elegant ceremony surrounded by family and friends.

Samantha and Brayden began dating in 2019. Despite Samantha’s illness, Brayden was always there in her highs and lows.

On 23rd February 2022, Samatha took to Instagram to announce that the sweet couple was engaged. She posted a series of pictures with her new finance, flaunting her ring. Within six months, they exchanged vows.

In Samantha Ann Clark Obituary, Brayden is mentioned as a loving, caring, and supportive husband.


This is the last update on my wife with terminal cancer.

♬ original sound – samantha Clark

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Samantha Ann May Clark Obituary
SamanthaAnn May Clark was born May 2, 2005, in Orem, Utah, and passed on January 18, 2023, in Spring Creek, Nevada.


Who is the husband of Samantha Ann Clark?

Brayden Gottfried is the loving and caring husband of Samantha Ann Clark.

Who is Samantha Ann Clark?

Samantha Ann Clark was a 17-years old girl with terminal cancer who passed away on January 18, 2023.

How did Samantha Ann Clark die?

Samantha Ann died after a long battle with an Ependymoma brain tumor diagnosed when she was two.

How old was Samantha Ann Clark?

Samantha Ann Clark was 17 years old when she tragically passed away.


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