Sally McNeil : Is Sally McNeil Still Married?

Sally McNeil Bio

Date Of Birth May 29th, 1960
Birthplace Allentown, Pennsylvania
Age 62
Height 5 feet and 6 Inches
Weight Around 71 Kg
Name Sally McNeil
Father Name Richard Dale Dempsey
Mother Name Unknown
Marital Status Married
Spouse Norfleet Stewart (Current )
Ray McNeil (EX)
Anthony Lowden (Ex)
Children Shantina and John
Net Worth (estimation) $1 million
Known For Wrestler, Fitness model & Entrepreneur

Sally McNeil is a former American bodybuilder and is mainly recognized as “Killer Sally” due to her portrayal in a mini-series on Netflix. Aside from being a bodybuilder, she is also a fitness model and teacher, inspiring numerous young individuals and serving as a role model.

Moreover, she is also an entrepreneur, but the income and wealth she acquired are more from her profession in bodybuilding. Sally’s net worth is estimated to be more than a million dollars. Without further delay, let’s dive into her personal and professional life to learn more about her.

What is Sally McNeil Net Worth? What fortune does she own?

Sally McNeil’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. She has been a professional bodybuilder for over a decade and has achieved many accomplishments throughout her career. In addition to her bodybuilding career, she is also an entrepreneur and owns several small businesses.

Aside from that, she is also a fitness model, and her income is passive due to this factor and she continues to grow additional. Moreover, she has won the Armed Forces Physique Championship consecutively twice, and A recent Netflix series called Killer Sally portrayed her life story and critical events. As of 2023, her net value is projected to be over a million dollars.

What happened with Sally McNeil?
Why was she given Life Sentence?

Sally McNeil was convicted of murdering her husband, Ray McNeil, a fellow bodybuilder, on Valentine’s Day in 1995. Although she claimed her innocence, she was convicted of killing her spouse and was sentenced to life in prison in 1996. However, in 2020, she received a remission from her charge of killing her spouse, and she is now happily enjoying her life.

Sally McNeil: Early Life and Education

Sally McNeil was born on May 29th, 1960, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She had a difficult childhood, growing up in a violent household and experiencing constant abuse from her parents. Sally had a rough childhood and couldn’t get her parents’ love. As the abuse continued daily, it became used to her as a routine, and she continued to grow up like that. She decided to get into sports and get independent financially to get rid of abuse.

Sally was built exceptionally stronger and was an athlete from a very young age, and during her college, in Pennsylvania, she started teaching and left her to grow independently. Later, she dropped out of college to join the Marine Corps and pursued a professional wrestling career.

In addition, she started to grow even more, winning a championship, creating her own business, and many more. Talking about her education, she studied up to college, dropping out last semester due to her financial problem. Regarding the institute’s name, she has not mentioned which college and school she used to go to, but given her information, she went to college in Pennsylvania.

Sally McNeil Age: How old is she?

Sally McNeil is currently 62 years old, born on May 29th, 1960.

Her zodiac sign is Gemini, reflecting herself as multi-passionate nature and ability to juggle a variety of interests.

Sally McNeil Height and Weight: How tall is she?

Sally McNeil’s height and weight are not disclosed to date. However, based on her appearance, she seems to be around 5 feet 6 inches tall, while her strong physique indicates a weight of around 71 kg. Moreover, this is just an assumption based on her appearance; however, her actual height and weight are still unknown. If her body measurements are out on the internet, we will surely update our article as soon as possible.

Sally McNeil Husband and Children: Who is she married to?

Sally McNeil is currently married to her husband, Norfleet Stewart, and living happily. In the past, she had been in relationships with Anthony Lowden and Ray McNeil. She had quite a terrific relationship with her ex-husband Ray McNeil as she was convicted of murdering her husband. During her relationship with Anthony, they were together for four years and had a daughter named Shantina. Sally also has a son named John, but the identity of his father remains a mystery, and there is little information available about her other relationships. Nonetheless, as of now, Sally has moved on and is now happily married to Norfleet Stewart.

Sally McNeil Parents and Siblings

sally MCneil family daughter

Sally McNeil’s father’s name is Richard Dale Dempsey, but her mother’s identity remains unknown. Sally had a difficult childhood as she experienced abuse from her mother from a very young age. Both her parents are miserable towards Sally, but she sticks to the end. She has a sibling, and a half-sister, Judy and Jill; however, their information is vague. More like Sally has always kept her private life hidden and has not talked much about it besides her career achievements. However, if she is ever ready to disclose her family information, we will surely update the information as soon as possible.

Is she on Social Media?

Based on our research, Sally McNeil does not appear to have any publicly available social media profiles besides her LinkedIn account. Either she is currently not using any social media platforms or is keeping it private.

So far, we couldn’t locate social platforms of Sally Mcneil on the internet; it is unclear whether she is not active on social media or chooses to keep her online activity private.

However, we did find a LinkedIn profile with her name, which could be hers.


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