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Quick Facts About Ryan Martin

Quick Facts About Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin Biogrpahy
Name Ryan Martin
Nick Name Fireball Camaro
Birthdate 1973
Age 49
Birthplace Ohio, United States
Height 5 Feet and 9 Inches (176 cm)
Weight 78 kg (171 Pounds)
Relationship Status Dating
Partner/Wife Cherish Casey
Children 1 (Son Named Dax)
Net Worth $2 Million
Company B&R Performance

Street Outlaws from the Discovery Channel hit the graph with its unique portrait of car-related episodes. The fourteenth season of Street Outlaws was more based on the showcase of the Oklahoma street racing scene. Ryan Martin was one of the cast with the best showmanship in the show. Through his automobile shop, B&R Performance, Martin could steal people’s attention as he showcased the unique and worthy insights of his work via his company. With his fantastic performance and work aligned with his successful career, Ryan also has collected a massive net worth, which has been the keen interest of his followers lately.

Ryan Martin, also known as Fireball Camaro, worked on the car and racing throughout his career. A car named ‘The Fireball Camaro‘ was officially designed for him that featured twin turbos. As a result, it was the reason that he came to be unique compared to others. Also, with B&R Performance, Ryan has worked on offering outstanding and trustworthy services to customers, making him one of the famous figures in the Street Outlaws.

So, what is the exact net worth of Ryan Martin, a high-valued car specialist? Well, let’s find it out and know how he makes his income.

Ryan Martin’s Net Worth

Ryan Martin's Net Worth

Ryan Martin has an estimated net worth of $2 million, which he earns as a reality star. Ryan garnered most of his earnings from his successful appearance in the television show called ‘Street Outlaws.‘ Besides his net worth, he is entitled to an average salary of $400,000.

Ryan is the owner of the automobile shop B&R Performance, which adds up the extra earnings to his account. The automobile shop emphasizes ‘aftermarket performance products,’ as per the description given on its official website. B&R Performance also owns car performance packages, and they have been doing it since 2015.

B&R Performance is one of the highlighted insights of Street Outlaws. But what seems interesting is that the automobile shop owned by Ryan Martin was famous even before he joined the Street Outlaw cast. Those who came to shop for the service were likely to see the show afterward.

B&R Performance Speciality

As mentioned earlier, B&R Performance works on ‘aftermarket performance products.’ When it comes to the service provided by Ryan’s shop, the cost is not cheaper. The cheaper upgrade package that B&R Performance offers is worth $8,899. Likewise, if you talk about the expensive cost, the price comes to around $50,000 for the upgrade.

The official website of B&R Performance also has a custom build option, which does not have any price listed, but it is known that the price can fluctuate as per the service and the products you use for your automobile update. Martin’s company has worked with the most attached part of human life, which is car culture – his work and services portray the culture’s outline and how people are willing to pay for the services they prefer.

Besides the upgrade system, B&R Performance also has an online store where the company sells hats, bottles, shirts, tumblers, keychains, and cups. In addition, they also have diecast cars – back in 2021, one of the products online had two collectible diecast cars available for pre-order. These cars are handmade and come with Ryan’s autograph – they cost $130 each.

If you evaluate the reviews from the customers of B&R Performance, you can distinguish how Ryan and his team have been working on sorting out the car-related issues effectively. Ryan’s work in both performance modifications and track cars has helped him garner a plateaued loyal customer base. Jackie Knox and Freakin’ Rican are some of the racing figures Ryan has worked with, and his services to them to make their cars race-ready have come to be positive, undoubtedly.

With the evaluation of service and their price tag on B & R Performance, Ryan has garnered a hefty sum of money, and his feature appearance in Street Outlaws has even helped him summon more sales and revenue.

Ryan Martin’s Personal Life And Details

Ryan Martin was born in 1973 in Ohio, United States – he celebrates his birthday on December 1 every year. Currently, he is 49 years old. He grew up in the United States and got involved in the car and racing industry. Besides his appearance in Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws, he has also competed in a racing event show called ‘The List,’ where he registered second place. In addition, he is a fitness freak actively involved in gym and workouts.

Ryan Martin, age 49, is happily in a relationship with his partner Cherish Casey. They have been dating each other since 2015 and have been living together peacefully for around eight years. But the lovebirds are yet to get married.

Ryan and Cherish first met on a blind date – Cherish revealed their first encounter via Instagram post, where she wrote, ‘I’m so grateful I went on that blind date with you (back then if you googled Ryan Martin nothing came up).

In the course of their eight years of relationship, Ryan and Cherish have been blessed with a son named Dax, whom they frequently feature on their Instagram post.

Meet Ryan Martin On Social Media Platforms

Meet Ryan Martin On Social Media Platforms
Ryan Martin (@fireballcamaro) | Instagram

Ryan is an avid user of Instagram, where he handles his profile under the username @fireballcamaro. He joined the platform in December 2015 and has been actively portraying his works via B&R Performance ever since. As of 2023, the car specialist cum reality star has garnered a massive fan following of over 325k followers on Instagram. To date, he has shared around 1.8k posts on the platform, most of which come from his automobile shop and car-related gigs.

Besides, the insights into his daily life adventures and family are the entities of his Instagram update.

Apart from Instagram, Ryan also has a LinkedIn profile, listing himself as the President of B&R Performance Auto. He has been operating his work and service based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the United States.

People Also Asked For

Ryan Martin's Net Worth

How Old Is Ryan Martin?

Ryan Martin is 49 years old – born in 1973 in the United States.

When Did Ryan Martin Debut In Street Outlaws?

Ryan debuted his role in Street Outlaws in 2020. Since then, he has been one of the most highlighted casts of the show with his automobile shop B&R Performance.

What Is Ryan Martin’s Net Worth?

Ryan Martin has a whopping net worth of $2 million, thanks to his car specialist career and automobile shop B&R Performance.

Is Ryan Martin Married?

Ryan is not married but has been in a soothing relationship with his partner, Cherish Casey, for around eight years. They also have a son named Dax together.

How Did Ryan and His Partner Meet?

Ryan and his partner met on a blind date and have been together since then.

What Is Ryan Martin’s Instagram?

Ryan Martin is on Instagram as @fireballcamaro.

Is Ryan Martin Famous?

Yes of course, Ryan Martin aka Fireball Camaro, is widely famous as a car specialist. He was one of the most highlighted casts in the fourteenth season of Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws. Even before joining the show, he had his name prominent amongst the people, earned through his works on B&R Performance.

Besides Car Specialists, What Does Ryan Martin Do?

Besides being a car specialist, Ryan Martin regularly goes to gym – he is health conscious and relies heavily on energy drinks.

What Is The Cost Of Car Upgrades In B&R Performance?

At B&R Performance, you can get the cheapest upgrades at $8,899 and the most expensive upgrade costs you $50,000. Besides, you can also custom build your car, whose price varies on the products you use to build your car.


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