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Who Is Ricky Wilson’s Wife, Grace Zito? Relationship Detail

(The Voice UK Coach/Judge Ricky Wilson married his finance Grace Zito in June 2021, postponing their wedding four times due to the Pandemic.)

“Here’s to a blissful and long marriage!” Ricky Wilson and his wife Grace Zito celebrated their second wedding anniversary this year on 12 June. They have been together since 2015, got engaged in 2018, and said “I do” in 2021.

The couple recently attended Glastonbury Festival (21 June – 25 June 2023).

Who Is Grace Zito?

Who Is Ricky Wilson's Wife Grace Zito?

Grace Zito is a fashion stylist and costume designer based in London. She has made her portfolio strong by working with celebrities, music videos as well as commercials.

Besides styling Wilson’s band and for The Voice, Grace has also worked with big names in the music industry, as such Olly Murs and Chase and Status. Also, she was a stylist for the commercials Vodafone and Loreal.

However, people are found interested in Grace Zito outside her profession. But the stylist is yet to explore her story.

How did Ricky Wilson and Grace Zito Met?

Ricky Wilson met her future wifey, Grace Zito, in 2014 on set. Grace styled the English indie rock band Kaiser Chiefs for their music video My Life. However, the two did not date immediately. At the time, Wilson was romantically involved with his long-time girlfriend, Lesley Williams, a television producer.

Grace and Wilson crossed paths for a second time on the set of The Voice UK. She was a stylist for the singer on the show.

In 2015, Wilson and Grance’s romance sparked when the two were seen kissing on a beach in Barbados.

And the reason behind Wilson and Lesley’s split after five years is pointed to Ricky’s newfound fame from The Voice.

Engaged In April 2018

Grace Zito and ricky wilson engaged In April 2018

After Wilson and Zito got into a relationship, the lovebird adopted fury baby, a Labradoodle. They named their pet dog Reedus, who regularly features on the Kaiser Chiefs’s frontman Instagram page.

Reedus was present when Wilson popped the questions. The singer said he had kept the ring and the dog treats in his pocket, so the Reedus was all over the ring.

While Wilson got down a knee, their dog put both paws on his leg. Their engagement spot is at a bandstand in Greenhead Park, in Huddersfield’s. At first, Ziro didn’t believe her eyes and said ‘You’re joking?!’” In a second, she gave her hand to fit in the ring.

Pandemic Postonded Ricky Wilson and Grace Zito’s Marriage

Pandemic Postonded Ricky Wilson and Grace Zito's Marriage

Finally, it was in the fifth shot that Ricky Wilson and his partner Grace Zito married after postponing their nuptials four times due to the pandemic. They originally made planned to wedlock in 2020.

Wilson and Zito said “I Do” on 12 June 2021 in a small, socially distanced Catholic ceremony in the presence of only 20 guests at St Patrick’s church in Huddersfield. They exchanged vows in a 2 pm.

Continuing the Zito family legacy, they married in the same church as Grace’s parents and grandparents.

Grace Zito’s Wedding Dress

Grace Zito's Wedding Dress

Fashion stylist Grance Zito flaunted a stunning off-shoulder A-line gold dress by her close friend Cherry Williams, a London-based wedding dress designer.

Ricky eyes were filled with tears when he saw his gorgeous bride for the first time in the attire. “It just blew me away,” Wilson said.

After a long-waiting wedding, the bride and bride-groom were showered in confetti especially made from plants from Greenhead Park, the spot where they engaged.

After the ceremony, they drove in a Rolls- Royce Silver Spur II to the Woodcroft Estate for the reception party.

Is Ricky Wilson’s Wife Pregnant?

Well, Ricky Wilson and his spouse, Grace Zito, are not expecting. They are happy with their adopted a four-leg baby for now.

The couple is embracing each other’s presence in their life which is filled with only joy.

But wait, Wikipedia has updated on their page that Ricky Wilson and his wife had twins in April 2022. Despite the news, the singer and the stylist have not officially announced their parenthood. And, scrolling through his IG, he is yet to update his fans about his possible twins.

Where Does Ricky Wilson And His Wife Live In London?

Where Does Ricky Wilson And His Wife Live In London
Ricky Wilson’s 5-bed Cornwall Home

Ricky Wilson and his wife, Grace Zito, live in their lavish mansion in London.

The singer moved in with his in-laws in Doncaster in April 2021 while his home in London was being renovated. In February 2022, the couple moved back to their home in the Capital.

In 2012, Wilson purchased a home in Falmouth, which he listed on the market in 2021 for £1.5 million.

As of 2023, Kaiser Chiefs’ frontman’s net worth is calculated at a whooping $10 million.



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Who is Grace Zito’s husband?

Grace Zito’s husband, Ricky Wilsom, 45, is the English Singer and the frontman of Kaiser Cheifs band.

Where was Ricky Wilson married?

Ricky Wilson and his wife Grace Zio tied the knot at St Patrick’s church in Huddersfield on 12 June 2021.

What does Grace Zito do?

Ricky Wilson’s Wife, Grace Zito, is a fashion stylist.

Does Ricky Wilson have a child?

Ricky Wilson and his wife Grace are yet to embrace parenthood.

Does Ricky Wilson have twins?

Ricky Wilson is reported to have twins, but the concerned people confirm nothing.

Who is the lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs married to?

The lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs wedlock to Grace Zito.


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