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Who is Rick Lagina’s Wife? Know About Rick Lagina Wife’s Cancer

Rick Lagina is a very popular treasure hunter who became famous after featuring in The Curse of Oak Island series. There is a lot of curiosity about who is Rick Lagina’s wife. However, he does not have a wife. And, it is his brother’s wife who has been mistaken as his. We will discover everything you need to know in this article!

Margaret Olivia Lagina

Name Margaret Lagina
Profession Celebrity wife
Current residence USA
Nationality American
Husband Marty Lagina
Education Reuters College
Children Maddie Lagina and Alex Lagina
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Green

Margaret Lagina is one of the most famous wives of treasure hunters who featured in The Curse of Oak Island Series. She has been in the news, especially because of her cancer as of now.

There are many interesting details about Lagina and her life. To know more about her, stay tuned with us in this article!

Who is Rick Lagina’s wife?

Who is Rick Lagina’s wife?
Margaret Olivia Lagina with her husband Marty Lagina

Rick Lagina does not have a wife.

In fact, he has never been married to this date. A lot of people have been mistaking his brother’s wife, Margaret Olivia Lagina, as his. And we are here to clear all the doubts of Oak Island series fans with this article.

Margaret Lagina is the wife of Marty Lagina, Rick Lagina’s brother. She was born on February 1948 in America. A lot of her personal life is kept a secret as she is a very private person. Moreover, people do not know about Lagina’s childhood either. The celebrity wife has been away from the news and tabloids as much as possible.

Rick Lagina Wife’s Cancer

Rick Lagina Wife's Cancer

Rick Lagina’s sister-in-law and the wife of his brother Marty Lagina have been in the news after horrifying news about her was revealed. Margaret Olivia Lagina was diagnosed with cancer. It has not yet been updated if she has recovered from the disease or not. Furthermore, everyone in the Lagina family has been respectful of Olivia’s privacy and has kept the information as private as they possibly can.

However, in light of this news getting out, many tabloids and news portals have been misinterpreting this news to be the news of Rick’s wife. There has even been some fake news of the unmarried treasure hunter’s wife dying of cancer. The truth is Rick has never been married in over 60 years.

Therefore, the news of Rick Lagina’s wife having cancer is completely fake, as he is a bachelor even today. Whatsoever, Marty Lagina’s wife Margaret’s rumor of suffering from cancer has been, to a greater extent, confirmed.

Unfortunately for the show’s fans, there have not been a lot of updates about Margaret’s health.

Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina Oak Island

Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina Oak Island

Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina are brothers. They have always been fascinated by the idea of treasure hunting and Oak Island from a very young age. Rick shared that his passion for treasure hunting started from the time he read an article about it in Reader’s Digest. This was a long time ago, and Lagina has been doing what he has always been passionate about to this day alongside his brother Marty.

The two have even earned a decent name from the series. Oak Island is by far one of the most successful shows when it comes to treasure hunting. Rick and Marty took their childhood passion to a different level after buying Oak Island. They both fund and run the show. There have been several fans of the show who watch old episodes of it even today.

Marty Lagina Wife

Marty Lagina wife Margaret Olivia Lagina

Marty Lagina is married to Margaret Olivia Lagina. The pair share two beautiful children, Alex Lagina and Maggie Lagina. The couple are happily married to this day. Marty has been a big part of his wife’s cancer journey. While there are no updates about her health in the current day, the couple and the Lagina family will likely keep these things to themselves with respect to Margaret’s privacy.

The couple have been seen happily in a few pictures together. Unfortunately for those who want to find deeper information about the couple, not much has been revealed about them, as Margaret was never a part of the Oak Island series. On the other hand, Marty is very professional and keeps much of his personal life to himself.

Is Rick Lagina Ill?

The Curse of Oak Island star Rick Lagina revealed in an episode in December 2017 that he was suffering from Lyme disease. The disease happens due to bites from black ticks. It has been assumed by the makers of the show that Rick suffered from this disease while filming on Oak Island, located in Nova Scotia.

Though diagnosed with this disease, his younger brother and co-host of their show encouraged him to check himself. Thankfully, the elder brother of the two agreed to the treatment. The older Lagina is healthier and has almost recovered from Lyme disease than before. He has been active in his career as a philanthropist and a treasure hunter, even today.

Who is the richest in Oak Island?

Who is the richest in Oak Island

Marty Lagina is the richest of the two brothers in Oak Island. He has an estimated net worth of $100 million as of 2023, while Rick has a net worth of $2 million. The brothers are paid $2 million each after every season.

The duo also has an Oak Island resident Dan Blankenship retaining the other 50%.

Who bought Oak Island?

The Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty bought Oak Island with a 50% stake in Oak Island Tours Inc. in 2006.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Did Rick Lagina ever get married?

No, Rick Lagina has never been married.

Who is Lagina’s wife?

Lagina’s wife is Margaret Olivia Lagina.

Who is Rick Lagina’s family?

Rick Lagina’s family are Marty Lagina, Margaret Olivia, Alex, and Maggie Lagina.

Is Marty Lagina married?

Yes, Marty Lagina is married.

Who owns Oak Island?

Rick and Marty Lagina own the Nova Scotia island privately, according to the official website of Oak Island.

Is Rick Lagina Gay?

Rick Lagina is an unmarried man. He has always been seen as very focused on his passion for his work. On the other hand, his brother Marty Lagina is married to Margaret Olivia Lagina.

As Rick is in his 60s and still unmarried, he has been suspected of being gay or homosexual by many fans of the show. However, this rumor has not been confirmed in any way by either Rick or his close ones.

Can anyone visit Oak Island?

Oak Island in Nova Scotia is the private property of Rick and Marty Lagina. Hence, not everyone is allowed on the island. Whatsoever, if you make pre-reservations to visit the place, you are more than likely to get the chance to visit Oak Island. Though the chances of that being true is mostly on the low.

Who cursed Oak Island?

There is a Captain Kidd theory that is shown in season one of Oak Island. According to this theory, Captain Kidd buried his treasures on the island and booby-trapped them with a curse. Hence, it has been assumed that it is the fictional captain who did so.

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