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8000ers conqueror Reinhold Messner has been married thrice. His third/current wife, Diane Schumacher, says life with the extreme mountaineer is a challenge. Reinhold Messner, the first to climb Everest (8848m) without supplemental oxygen, is a very disciplined and cautious person, says Diane.

Reinhold and Diane met back in 2019 at Messner’s Brunico Castle. Was it love at first sight? Definitely, Diane felt strongly connected with him from their first eye contact and conversation.

Diane remembers she heard of Reinhold Messner when she was nine years old on the TV. She asked her father about Messner. He replied this is the yeti.

As a matter of fact, there is an age gap of 35 years between them. They faced various criticisms, especially Diana. But the public was unknown of the fact that Reinhold had already distributed his inheritance. Further, the assets of Messners are also outside her control. Diane said it was hurtful to come across cliche thinking in the first hit, but it no longer affects her.

The couple worked on the relationship, overcoming their age issue, among others. Finally, they found common ground and learned to respect and complement each other. The main thing is both love and respect for mountains.

What next? They tied the knot in late May 2021. Their wedding took place in the town hall in Kastelbell-Tschars, in South Tyrol. Their marriage was no surprise to the public. The two were constantly making a public appearances together. The public first noticed them in August 2019 at the annual Messner film evening.

Was Diane Previously Married?

Diane was married for 20 years before parting ways with her first husband. She married quite early, in her 20s. However, she has not disclosed any information about her past life. Reinhold Messner’s spouse seems to be a private person.

Diane is active on Instagram but has kept it in private mode. Follow her on socials if you want to know about her.

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Reinhold Messner Past Relationships

Previously, Messner had been linked with many. In 1972, Messner married, Uschi Demeter. At the time, his mountaineering career was at its peak. After five, the two decided to separate. The reason behind their divorce might be his challenging career.

Subsequently, Messner found love with a Canadian photographer, Nena Holguin. In 1981, they were blessed with a girl. However, they never married and later called it quits.

His third known relationship was with Sabine Stehle. Vienna, Austria native, she was a textile designer. In 1988, the couple had their first child, Magdalena Messner, followed by Simon Messner in 1990 and Anna Messner in 2001.

Their son, Simon, is an art director and producer. He has worked in the movies like Die große Zinne, White Out, and Cerro Torre. Also, he was a producer in his dad’s movie, The Sassolungo – Reinhold Messner, on the trail of the first climbers.

After dating for over two decades, Messner and Stehle finally exchanged vows on 31 July 2009. Nevertheless, their marriage came to an end in 2019.


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