Reinhold Messner Net Worth : Detail On Museum

Reinhold Messner is indeed the wealthiest mountaineer in the world. He is entitled to being the greatest mountaineer of all time, conquering all 14 of the 8000ers without the aid of supplemental oxygen. Active in mountaineering since the 70s, he has contributed significantly to the field.

Named 9X in the Guinness Book of Records, Messner’s net worth is estimated at over $10 million. Let’s discover Messner’s journey to becoming a millionaire.

Reinhold Messner began from scratch in his career. From a middle-class family, Messner is a self-made millionaire who started his mountaineering career in the 70s. He has undoubtedly earned hefty sums from guiding, sponsorships, talks, and consultancy for kit manufacturers.

In 1999, Messner as representative of the Federation of the Greens a.k.a. Greens, was appointed as the Member of the European Parliament. The serving term for any government role is five years. In 2004, Messner retired from politics. As per reports, the monthly salary of parliament members is €8932.86. That means he earned a six-digit figure per annum from his political career.

In 2003, Messner started a mountaineering project costing around €30 million. It was agreed on the cost of the assignment split between the mountaineer and the province of South Tyrol.

On 11th June 2006, his museum dream became true by establishing the Messner Mountain Museum (MMM) in six different locations: Sigmundskron Castle, Juval Castle, Dolomites, Ortles, Brunico Castle, and Corones.

Detail On Museum

Reinhold Messner Mountain Museum


MMM Firmian The museum in Sigmundskron Castle in the Bozen is the centerpiece. It displays the man’s relationship with the mountains, the religious significance of mountains, the history of mountaineering, as well as alpine tourism.
MMM Juval It is located in Burggrafenamt in Juval Castle and shows the magic of mountains.
MMM Dolomites Located in Cibiana Pass at Monte Rite, the museum emphasizes the history of the formation of the Dolomites.
MMM Ortles Opened in Sulden, South Tryol, the museum is focused on the ice theme. The underground museum shows the history of ice mountaineering as well as the world’s glaciers. Interestingly, it has an ice-climbing gear on display from two centuries.
MMM Ripa The museum at Brunico Castle focuses on mountain peoples from Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa. It emphasizes on the mountain people’s religions and cultures as well as tourism activities.
MMM Corones The museum shows traditional climbing. It is situated at the top of the Kronplatz mountain.

The MMM Tour Ticket costs € 55,00 for adults and € 25,00 for children. This ticket is a combined visit every six museums. It has a validation period of one year and is accessible at all Messner Mountain Museums.

Besides, his other source of income includes his books. To date, he has authored 80 books about his mountaineering and exploring experience. He has summoned decent money from his writings.

What’s more, the mountaineer is into humanitarian work. Founder of Messner Mountain Foundation, he helps to give back to the mountain people. He has rebuilt hospitals and schools in mountain regions, where building infrastructure is expensive.

Scrolling through Instagram, It seems Messner frequently visits the land of 8000ers, Nepal. Messner says he owes his mountaineering success to Nepal.

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