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Noor Alfallah Pregnant With Al Pacino’s Child

Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah are one month away from parenthood.

Noor Alfallah, 29, is expecting a baby with her beau, Al Pacino, 83. Since the pregnancy news was confirmed: drama has unavoidably stem. Not only the Hollywood actor demanded a paternity test, but the media was swirled up by their break rumors which were promptly addressed.

Reportedly, the 83-year-old actor didn’t believe he could be a new father due to a medical affair that caused infertility. Sources claim Noor has already presented a paternity test proving Al Pacino is her child’s pop. Already a father of three adults, when 4th child arrives, Pacino will break the world record of being one of the oldest fathers at 83.

Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah are one month away from parenthood.

Age Gap: Not A Big Deal

Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah are one month away from parenthood.

Noor Alfallah, who is 54 years junior to her boyfriend, Al Pacino, was first rumored to be dating in April 2022. After dining at Felix Trattoria in Venice, California, the pair was caught leaving in the same car. That was the first time Pacino’ sparked romance rumors since his heart-breaking split with Israeli actress Meital Dohan in early 2020.

Jason Momoa and Julian Schnabel joined Alfallah and Pacino for dinner after relishing the Pace Gallery exhibit. Later, Momoa dropped an Insta post of their dinner, where Alfath was pictured sitting cozily next to Pacino’s side.

To those who don’t know, Alfallah and Pacino began dating ever since the pandemic. However, they came into the public eye several years later.

In April 2023, Alfallah shared an IG post with her lover, Pacino, as they perused a friend’s art gallery in New York, marking the couple’s first picture together to make it on her social media handles.


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Noor Alfallah’s Tastes In Rich, Older Man

Noor Alfallah’s Tastes In Rich, Older Man

Al Pacino is not the first old guy on Alfallah’s fascinating dating list.

The gorgeous Afghani was romantically linked with The Rolling Stones lead vocalist Mick Jagger, 79. At that time, Jagger was 74, and Alfallah was only 22. The duo dated for almost three years before parting ways in 2018.

By late 2018, she promptly found love with millionaire investor Nicolas Berggruen, now 61, the founder of Berggruen Institute. However, their romance did not last long as paparazzi caught Alfallah with now 93-year-old actor and filmmaker Clint Eastwood in Los Angeles in 2019. Soon rumors circulated about the two being romantically connected, but Alfallah insisted Clint Eastwood was only a family friend rather than a lover. Their dating rumors were never confirmed.

How Rich Is Noor Alfallah?


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Coming from an affluent family, Noor Alfallah always has been a millionaire. As of 2023, the Afghani film producer is worth no less than $3 million.

Not to mention, her taste in rich men is jaw-dropping. She is currently dating a multi-millionaire, ‘The Godfather’ of Hollywood, Al Pacino, whose net worth is a whopping $120 million in total. Bigger than that, she is expecting a child with him.

Who Is Noor Alfallah? Short Bio

Who Is Noor Alfallah Short Bio what is noor alfallah's net worth
Source: Instagram (Modified By Author)

Noor Alfallah is a Kuwaiti American film producer from the wealthiest family, born on 2nd December 1993. Her mother, Alana Alfallah, is American, and her father is Kuwaiti. She is the eldest of four: sisters Sophia and Remi and brother Nasser.

Alfallah has always been interested in the film industry and finished her bachelor’s degree from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Further, she enrolled at UCLA, earning a master’s in Film and TV production.

Noor’s sister, Remi, walks together in the entertainment business. The duo worked on their first project, a 2018 short TV, Brosa Nostra, together in 2018. Further, she has been credited as a producer for La Petite Mort in 2019. Also, Alfallah is involved with Lynda Obst Productions, where she stands as a Vice-president and developing two feature films with.

As of 2021, she is signed to Imagine Entertainment.


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