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Niousha Noor Bio, Age, Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows, & Boyfriend

Niousha Noor is an Iranian-born American actress known for the movie “The Persian Version” and TV Series: Stichers, Here and Now, and recently Kaleidoscope.

Niousha Noor Biography

Name Niousha Noor
Birthday 9th March
Zodiac Pisces
Nationality Iranian
Ethnicity Indo-European ethnicity
Height 167 cm
Profession Actress
Boyfriend N/A

Who Is Niousha Noor? Bio, Age, & Family

Who Is Niousha Noor Bio, Age, & Family

Tehran, Iran native Niousha Jafarian was born on 9th March. She is currently in her late 30s. She is the daughter of Noori Hoghooghi Jafarian and cinematographer Hossein Jafarian. He is the first Iranian to be called by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the United States. He has worked in the movies Salesman, Crimson Gold, One Night, Gold and Copper, One Night, About Elly, and Fireworks Wednesday.

She grew up alongside her brother, Azad Jafarian. Her brother, who earned his Bachelor of Arts (Cinematic Arts) from the University of Southern California, is also in the acting industry but behind the camera as a writer and director. His notable works include About Elly, World War II, and Lady Liberty.

Basically, Noor was raised in the cinema world. At the age of 11, she moved to the United States with her family due to his father’s work. However, she didn’t see herself pursuing acting — until after college.

Niousha Noor Movies & TV Shows

Niousha Noor movies and tv shows

Niousha Noor stepped into the acting industry as early as 1992, appearing as Nargess’s sister in the Iranian movie, Nargess. After a long gap, she starred as Annie in the short film, Dinner with the Bargisavaris. Then she landed a role in The Young and the Restless as a Nurse.

In 2008, she appeared as Amber in the movie, Oh Snap! I’m Trapped in the House with a Crazy Lunatic Serial Killer!

In 2010, Noor played the role of Suzette in the TV Series 1000 Ways to Die, and the following year starred as Nadia in the short film, Waffles. Further, she appeared in more short movies, Tehrangeles and The Auctioneer.

In 2015, she did the role of Brianna in the TV Series obSETHed. Further, she appeared as Dr.Anna Barmal in TV Series, Stitchers. Following this, she landed a role as Donya in the TV Series here and Now.

In 2023, she starred in Netflix’s hit series, Kaleidoscope as Nazan Abbasi, sharing the screen with Paz Vega, Austin Elle Fisher, and Bubba Weiler. Further, she appeared in the Movie, The Persian Version, and another TV series, 9-1-1: Lone Star.

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Is Niousha Noor Dating? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Is Niousha Noor Dating? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Well, this is the most unanswerable question by the actress Niousha Noor. She became reticent when sharing her personal side with the media. She may have dated or still dating, but no one knows about her boyfriend. Hence, we have to agree with her that she is single.

Niousha Noor’s Net Worth

Starring in various TV series and Movies, Niousha Noor has earned a decent sum of money. From her recent TV series, Kaleidoscope, she is believed to pursued $10,000 per episode. As of 2023, her net worth is $60,000.


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