Adventurer at Heart: Marko Lihteneker’s Unforgettable Journey

Marko Lihteneker was a ski mountaineer and mountain climber from Slovenia. After successfully summiting the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest, Lihteneker lost his life while descending.

A Slovenian national, Marko Lihteneker was born on 21 September 1959. He was a marathon runner and served at GRS Celje, a mountain rescue service, before his death. As a GRS member, Lihteneker participated in the 2004 World Championship of Ski Mountaineering in Aran Valley, securing 6th place.

7 Summits Club Expedition

Marko Lihteneker was a member of the ascent to Everest in the expedition of the 7 summits Club, led by Alexander Abramov. He and his climbing partner Viktor Mlinár were among the expedition team’s most experienced and robust. The duo thought the Sherpa guide would not be a necessity for them.

On 21 May 2005, Lihteneker and his partner, Mlinár left camp 3 at 8300m for the summit alongside Vladimir Lande, a Russian climber, and his Sherapa, Pasang Dorji.

However, the Russian climber came up with a crampon problem near 2nd step, so he descended back with his Sherpa. Meanwhile, Lihtenekar and Mlinár continued to their destination.

By, 12.30 pm Viktor Mlinar reached the summit of Mount Everest and one hour later Marko Lihteneker did it too. Viktor descended and reached the 8300m camp by 4.00 pm.

Nevertheless, Marko was nowhere to be seen at camp 3, 8300m. After 5 pm the weather was fragile, with snowing, and strong wind. The Sherpa can not go up.”

The following morning after the wind calm down, Sherpas: Pemba Tensing and Pemba Rengin were processed for searching Marko above 8300m. There were 9 other high-altitude Sherpas in Advance Base Camp all set if needed for the search mission. Unfortunately, the Sherpas could not find Marco.

Around 5 pm that day, the Chinese expedition’s Sherpa spotted a body of a climber at an altitude of 8800 m. Yes, that was Marko’s.

Source claims, Marko Lihteneker came up with the problem in the oxygen system while descending. Other climbers, too, encountered Lihteneker with an oxygen problem. As a matter of fact, Lihteneker did not carry a spare bottle of supplemental oxygen with him. He had left the other bottle down in the camps to pick it up when he descended.

Since Marko had no Sherpa accompanying him, Marko had to fix the oxygen system himself. Later, a Chinese found him in a devastating situation. They offered him tea, but he could not even drink. He was gone too far from rescue.

Marko Lihteneker Died At The Age Of Forty-five

On 21st May 2005, Lihteneker fell to death while descending from the summit of Mount Everest. The reason behind his death is suspected a problem with the oxygen equipment in the Danger Zone, where the air is one-third of sea level.

The Chinese porters found his frozen corpse.

Is Marko Lihteneker’s Dead Body Still On Everest?

Marko Lihteneker's body covered by Russian Climbers
(Marko Lihteneker’s body covered by Russian Climbers) Credit: 7summitsclub

Marko Lihteneker’s corpse is still on Everest but far from the climbers’ sight.

Litheneker’s body hung on ropes at the height of 8800 meters for more than a decade but the Russian mountaineers covered his body.


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