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Who is Fox News Contributor Lisa Boothe Husband?

Lisa Boothe’s partner’s name is finally out, and she is happier than ever!

Lisa Boothe is an American news commentator who has been working as one for a while now. Everyone knows her as the Fox News lady.

All have cherished Boothe’s presence in the news, and almost all in America who watch the news recognize her.

But many people wonder whether Lisa Boothe from Fox News has a husband. Let’s find it out in this article.

Is Lisa Boothe of Fox News Married?

Lisa Boothe from Fox News does not have a husband. She never married anyone, to begin with.

To this day, Boothe remains unmarried. It would be fair to say that her profession keeps her busy. Whatsoever, we might be able to hear the wedding bells ring once the news commentator is ready.

John Bourbonia Cummins and Lisa Boothe Relationship

John Bourbonia Cummins and Lisa Boothe Relationship

Though Fox News commentator Lisa Boothe has no husband, she has a boyfriend. She has not kept her relationship a secret from the world.

Though she is not very open about her relationship online, she has been associated with a man named John Bourbonia Cummins (Washington Dc resident and a Health Care Communicator) multiple times. And it has been confirmed through several sources that she just might be in a relationship with John.

The rumor was triggered back in 2015 when Lisa posted a picture online. Her rumored boyfriend hilariously thanked her as she had cropped him out of the picture. To this, Lisa responded with a “Love You” and added what she meant to what she did.

Though the comment was short and funny, it was enough for people to make assumptions about her relationship with Cummins.

Unfortunately for those who want to know about her love life, the TV commentator keeps her love life known to a certain limit. Nothing much has been revealed about her and John since the year 2015.

Furthermore, you will only find pictures of Boothe and her work, even on her social media. There is no doubt that she is a very professional woman. Hence, it will be a work in getting to know about her love life more than her work through just her social media posts.

But if you want to know about her besides her love life, it can be clear from her social media posts that she likes to go out some days with her best friend Bella. Sometimes, she also posts pictures with her family member. All in all, she has a very happy and fulfilled life.


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Lisa Boothe Career

Lisa Boothe Career
Photo by Lisa Boothe on March 26, 2023

Boothe has had one of the most successful careers on Fox News. However, she does not limit herself to only one place or profession.

Lisa also founded a political communications and public affairs firm, High Noon Strategies.

She is also the writer for The Washington Examiner. The Fox TV host does not keep her professional life from the public eye. She is very comfortable sharing what she is up to you with people who know her.

Her professional life is no less than an open book. Yet, many snippets from her personal life have been kept a secret.

Lisa Boothe Net Worth

Lisa boothe Birthday at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
Source: Instagram lisamarieboothe

Boothe is possibly one of the most successful and popular TV commentators of the present time. And many people have been curious about how much she has made from her work throughout the years.

Lisa has an estimated net worth of $10 to 15 million, as per the records of PlayBio. She is a multimillionaire considering that she makes a lot from Fox News, one of the most popular and prestigious News channels in the world. Besides this, the company she founded also helps her make good money.

She rumoredly earns 600K USD annually from Fox News. And her career as a writer is just as helpful in getting the bag.

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Lisa Boothe Early Life and Education

Lisa Boothe Early Life and Education

Lisa has always been a brilliant student. She was born on February 3, 1985.

Jeffrey Ferries Boothe and Dianne Marie are the parents of The Washington Examiner writer. She grew up with three brothers, Ryan Jeffery, Michael Robert, and James Christopher Boothe.

The political commentator revealed that she has a very close relationship with her parents and siblings even today. Her family goes to the beach every now and then to spend some family time.

Besides this, Boothe completed her major in Political Science and Government degree from the University of Tennessee.

Recent Lisa Boothe Tweet

People also asked:

1. When was Lisa Boothe born?

Lisa Boothe was born on February 3, 1958.

2. Where does Lisa Boothe live?

Lisa Boothe lives in Miami, Florida, United States of America.

3. How tall is Fox Lisa Boothe?

Lisa Boothe is 5 feet 2 inches tall which also measures to 157 cm.

4. Who is John Bourbonia Cummins?

Since their dating rumor started, John Bourbonia Cummins was linked to Lisa in 2015.

5. Is Lisa Boothe Married?

No, Lisa is unmarried.

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