Lee So-E Bio, Age, Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows, & Boyfriend

Lee So E biography

Name Lee So-E
Date Of Birth October 10, 2000,
Birth Place South Korea
Zodiac Libra
Nationality South Korean
Ethnicity South Asian
Height 158 cm
Weight 104 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Profession Actress, Reality Star

Is Lee So-E, the Yoon So-hee high school bullied student from the Netflix Hit, The Glory? Yes, “Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Lee So E is the same bullied girl from The Glory. Her Instagram post went viral, showing her phenomenal transformation from Lee So E to Yoon So Hee and a behind the scene picture from one of the clips.

Who Is Lee So-E? Bio & Age

Who Is Lee So-E Bio & Age

Born on 10 October 2000, Lee So-E’s age is 22 years. Reportedly, her birth name is Lee Jang-hee, later, the actress changed her name for her acting career.

Lee So E is a graduate of Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea. She majored in acting (Department of Theater and Film).

Nevertheless, the actress is yet to talk about her childhood, parents, and siblings.

Lee So-E began her acting career by signing an exclusive contract with Saram Entertainment.

Lee So-E’s Movies & TV Shows

Lee So-E’s Movies & TV Shows

Initially, Lee So E gained recognization as a cast member of the Netflix dating reality series Single’s Inferno in 2022. In the show, she was the third female contestant to be introduced. Her enthralling relationship with her fellow cast, Kim Se Jun, joined later in episode 6, caught the public attention.

In 2022, Lee So-E starred in episodes 1 and 6 of The Glory alongside Kim Gun-Woo.

Besides, Lee So-E has appeared in the SBS drama “Police Station Next to the Fire Station

Lee So-E in The Glory

Lee So-E in The Glory

Lee So-E, as Yoon So-hee, ended up dying in the Netflix series, The Glory, after she was bullied by the group of young Park Yeon Jin (Shin Ye Eun). Her role was brief in the first part; however, she booked a much more significant role in the second part.

In the series, So Hee gets bullied because she is encountered wearing the matching dress as Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon).

Is Lee So-E Dating?

As aforementioned, Lee So-E was paired with Kim Se Jun in season two of the Netflix reality series Single’s Inferno. However, the duo is not currently dating and has already gone their way along; however, the fan still craves their togetherness.

Lee So-E is seen busy with her acting career while Kim Se Jun is with his design.

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Lee So-E’s Net Worth In 2023?

Lee So-E is currently in the initial phase of her career. She has appeared in two episodes of the TV Series, The Glory and the Reality Show Single’s Inferno 2. That means she has pocketed a few thousand dollars only.


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