Kirk Cameron McCune and Elizabeth Zharoff: How Is Their Married Life?

Elizabeth Zharoff and her spouse, Kirk Cameron McCune, are happily married. Following two years of courtship: they exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony on 29th February 2020, on a leap day. That means the pair gets to celebrate their anniversary once every four years.

Initially, Elizabeth Zharoff hid their union, disclosing it to the public after six long months. What could be the reason for concealment? Let’s Find Out!!

Kirk Cameron McCune and Elizabeth Zharoff Wedding

kirk cameron mccune and Elizabeth Zharoff

To begin: Elizabeth Zharoff started posting her beau Kirk Cameron McCune in mid-2018. Maybe they began dating around that time. Subsequently, she began sharing a series of their cosplay picture but did not reveal her relationship with McCune.

In June 2019, she made a little clear about her affair with Kirk to her audience. She took to Instagram and announced they were off for the vacation together. She wrote,

“Day off!! My honey surprised me with a trip to Catalina Island. This is us waiting for the boat to leave, playing Gin Rummy.”

In October 2019, She referred to Kirk Cameron McCune as a husband material when he flew to Seattle from Arizona just to watch her concert.

From her social handles, it was clear their relationship was smooth, but no one expected they would tie the knot secretly. Their wedding news surprised everyone when they disclosed it after six months on 29th August 2020 through her Instagram post.

Her caption on the post reads a long, heartful note, “Today marks 6 months of being married to this amazing guy.

Kirk is my rock, my joy, and my love. He supports me in everything I do – and has taken more on himself too, as The Charismatic Voice expands.

These last 6 months were wonderful with Kirk. I love him even more. I feel so lucky to get to experience life with him!!”

Why they chose to hide their marriage is still a big question for her fans.

They were so involved in work that they had a chance to go for a honeymoon after a year of their marriage.

Elizabeth Zharoff Shares A Child With Kirk Cameron McCune

Elizabeth Zharoff Shares A Child With Kirk Cameron McCune

In November 2021, Elizabeth Zharoff announced she is pregnant with kirk cameron McCune’s baby. Also, she requested her IG people to comment down if she is having a girl or a boy.

On 23rd May 2022, their baby boy, Mycroft, safely arrived, weighing 9lbs 2oz and 20.5 inches of utter perfection.

Elizabeth Zharoff’s Short Bio

Elizabeth Zharoff’s Short Bio

Wenatchee, Washington, native Elizabeth Zharoff was born in the year 1986 on the 19th of March. She is a Pisces.

She enrolled at Wenatchee High School. Upon graduation, she moved to France in 2005 to attend Pacific Luthern University. Two years later, she moved back to the United States, transferring her University eligibility to Oberlin Conservatory of Music. In 2009, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance.

Further, she joined the Curtis Institute of Music to pursue her master’s degree in opera singing.

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Elizabeth Zharoff Career

Elizabeth Zharoff Career

While still at Oberlin College, Elizabeth Zharoff participated in a Metropolitan Opera Eric and Dominique Laffont Competition (Opera singing competition), being the semi-final contestant in 2009.

In 2011, she was a finalist in the Queen Elisabeth Competition but did not win the competition.

As a member of the Semperoper, in the 2012-13 season, Elizabeth performed Violetta in Verdi’s La Traviata and Pamina in Mozart’s Magic Flute. Additionally, she gave a stage performance composed by Richard Danielpour.

In the 2013-14 season at the Opéra National de Bordeaux, she debuted as Giunia in Lucio Silla.

Subsequently, she quit her Opera Career and began singing on Youtube, launching her channel under the name “The Charismatic Voice.” Her YouTube career took off during the Covid pandemic.

In January 2021, she started tea-time interviews inviting celebrated singers to her channel.

Moreover, Zharoff started developing vocal parts for video games. Besides, she gives online voice therapy.


Where was Elizabeth Zharoff born

Is Elizabeth Zharoff still married?

Elizabeth Zharoff has been married to Kirk Cameron McCune since 29th February 2020.

Does Elizabeth Zharoff still sing?

Yes, Elizabeth Zharoff still sings as well as works as a voice coach.

What is the voice type of Elizabeth Zharoff?

Elizabeth Zharoff has a classical female singing voice, soprano.

Where does The Charismatic Voice live?

The Charismatic Voice currently resides in Tucson, Arizona.

Where was Elizabeth Zharoff born?

Elizabeth Zharoff is a native of Wenatchee, Washington.

What video games has Elizabeth Zharoff been in?

Elizabeth Zharoff has been in various video games, including Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, Aven Colony, Yoku’s Island Express, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, and Lost Words: Beyond the Page.

Who is the host of the charismatic voice on YouTube?

Opera singer Elizabeth Zharoff is the host of the charismatic voice on YouTube.


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