Kim Gun-Woo Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Movies, TV Shows, Girlfriend, & Net Worth

Kim Gun-Woo Biography

Name Kim Gun-Woo
Date Of Birth January 10, 1992,
Birthplace South Korea
Zodiac Capricorn
Nationality South Korean
Ethnicity South Asian
Partner N/A
Height 1.82 m
Weight 72kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Profession Actor

Kim Gun-Woo is a South Korean actor. He received global recognization for portraying the character of the villain, Son Myeong-oh, in the Netflix hit series, The Glory. For his role as Son Myeong-oh, he was nominated for the Baeksang Arts Awards for 2023 Best New Actor. Besides, he has starred in various South Korean TV Series: Catch the Ghost, Less Than Evil, and Live.

Who Is Kim Gun-Woo? Bio & Age

Born on 10 January 1992, actor Kin Gun-Woo is 31 years old. For now, information regarding his parents and sibling is undisclosed.

In 2012, Kim Gun-Woo received a scholarship to the School of Drama, Korea National University of Arts. He was the top student.

Kim Gun-Woo Movies & TV Shows

Kim Gun-Woo debuted in the 2018 Korean TV Series, Live as Kim Han Pyo.

In late 2018, he began appearing in Less Than Evil, based on the British psychological crime thriller Luther. Portrayed the character, Jang Hyung-min, a serial killer who pretends to be a prosecutor. He starred in 24 episodes until 2019.

After that, he appeared as Han Tae Woong in Catch the Ghost, a South Korean TV Series directed by Sin Yoon-seob.

In 2020, Kim played Park Do Ha, a top actor in the TV Series Record of Youth.

From 2022-2023, Kim played Son Myeongoh in the TV Series The Glory.

Kim Gun-Woo In The Glory

In the series “The Glory,” Kim portrays the role of Son Myeong-oh, a group member that bullied Moon. He served as his circle’s errand boy in school who sold drugs.

All appreciated the villain role, including his father, who used to dislike the hostile character.

Son Myeong-oh gave Kim increased popularity. The actor says he is now more recognizable to the public. Even with a mask on, Kim added. Further, there is a visible change in his social media accounts. He only had 2000 followers on Instagram, but it’s over 212K followers as of April 2023.

Is Kim Gun-Woo Dating? Know His Girlfriend

Is Kim Gun-Woo Dating Know His Girlfriend

With increasing popularity, Kim Gun-Woo has an enormous fan base not only in South Korea but worldwide, predominantly female fans. Superb news to his female fans: the actor Gun-Woo is the most eligible bachelorette.

Kim Gun-Woon is currently single.

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How Much Is Kim Gun-Woo’s Net Worth In 2023?

Before his biggest hit (The Glory), Kim Gun-Woo had already starred in various TV series earning a decent sum.

However, the pay scale for supporting actors is shallow compared to the leads.

Kim Gun-Woo reportedly had to borrow money before work from his agency while working for The Glory due to financial trouble in making ends meet.

As of 2023, Kim Gun-Woo’s net worth is believed to be in the five-digit figure.


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