What Is Kerri Seekins Crowe Daughter Name?

Kerri Seekins Crowe’s controversial statement cooled down following her daughter Ashley addressed the matter coming to social media

A Montana lawmaker, Kerri Seekins Crowe’s Daughter, Ashley, came to the public to give a final resting to the ongoing social media bash of her mother’s comments about the anti-trans youth bill.

The national media and liberal commentators slam Kerri Seekins over her speech. The media used a selectively edited clip from a speech, painting a false narrative. :

Risk her daughter’s suicide than help her transition.”

Kerri Seekins Crowe’s Daughter Addresses The Controversy

What Happened to Kerri Seekins Crowe's Daughter Chandler

In April 2023, Kerri Seekins-Crowe gave a speech over a ban on gender-affirming medical care. In the course, she referenced her daughter’s fight with suicide.

She narrates: when someone asked about what does she do to help her suicidal daughter, she would had to think because the answer was No. She did not give her emotional manipulation.

Crowe continued saying she would not let her daughter break down or the family because she had to be strong and have a vision for her daughter.

Certainly, Kerri did not say her daughter a trans or seeking gender-affirming care in the speech.

But weeks later, a clip of her speech surfaced on social media, which was misconceived by mass media throwing her hateful comments along with death threats.

To address the social media attack on her mother, in the since-deleted TikTok post, Ashley confirmed the story her mother referenced is “over a decade old.” She further clarified she is not trans neither is her brother. And assured the public that she is going well and mentally and physically sound.

Further, Ashley appreciated the public’s concern but also asked to respect their privacy.

Who Is Kerri Seekins Crowe?

Who Is Kerri Seekins Crowe

Kerri Seekins-Crowe is an American Politician and relator. She has been a Montana House of Representatives District 43 since 4th January 2021. Her service ends on 6th January 2025.

She was elected in November 2020.

Before being involved in the political scene, she was employed at Delta Air Lines as a customer service representative.

Later, she worked as an assistant to Ted Stevens, a Senator for Alaska. Further, she worked as a part-time faculty member (part-time professor) of business at various universities such as Truett McConnell University, Coastal Carolina Community College, Montana State University Billings, Bauder College, and Athens Technical College.

Is Kerri Seekins Crowe Married?

Kerri Seekins Crowe with Her Husband Michael Crowe
Kerri Seekins Crowe with Her Husband Michael Crowe

Crowe is married to Michael Crowe, a US Marine Corps Veteran. They exchanged vows in November 1990. They share two children.

Kerrie’s husband was dispatched to Desert Shield/Storm the day after their marriage.

Besides, her husband had served in Somalia.

Further, Kerrie’s father was also in the military and served in Vietnam.

Kerri Seekins Crowe Daughter, Ashley, Serves In The US Navy

Kerri Seekins Crowe Daughter, Ashley, Serves In The US Navy
Ashley and Her brother

Ashley Crowe, 31, currently serves in the US Navy.

During her teen, she was in a long-distance swimmers division in the nation and tried to qualify for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Besides she also excelled in karate and kickboxing.

As reported, she did her high school at Adelphi Christian Academy and then enrolled at Yellowstone Baptist College. Further, she addended online classes at Montana State University Billings.

She came to the limelight after her mother’s controversial statements that went viral over the internet, causing a huge stir. She addressed the public concern about her well-being and now wants privacy in her life.

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What Is Kerri Seekins Crowe’s Daughter’s Name?

Ashley Crowe is the Daughter of Kerri Seekins Crowe.


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