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What Happened to Kerri Seekins Crowe’s Daughter Chandler?

Kerri Seekins Crowe has involved herself in a controversy about transgender rights involving Chandler, her daughter.

Kerri Seekins Crowe is a realtor turned politician. She has always been vocal about her opinions and voiced her thoughts aloud.

For a person like herself, getting criticism from the public is not new. Many people have been discussing Kerri since she made a controversial statement.

In this article, we will discuss what statement caused Crowe to get such criticism and how her daughter Chandler is also involved.

Chandler Crowe Kerri Seekins Crowe

Chandler Crowe Kerri Seekins Crowe

Though Kerri is very open about everything, she does not say much to the public regarding her private life. Whatsoever, it was very controversial as well as offensive to many people that Crowe involved her daughter Chandler in one such statement.

When it comes to transgender people and their right to transform, many people are still unwilling to let that happen. Kerri happens to be one such person.

She made a statement referring to her daughter, saying she would rather lose her daughter to suicide than let her transform had she been a transgender.

Chandler Crowe, as claimed by her mother, is a suicidal person. But, she sure is not transgender as she was born a female and has undergone no transformation.

But, when Kerri said such a statement publicly, it affected her daughter and enraged many people. Crowe was only trying to portray an example through her daughter. Still, people from the pride community and other politicians were critical of her.

As for Chandler, she has not made any statement against her mother publicly. She seems to be a very private person.

The daughter of the politician grew up with a sister, Ashley Crowe. And neither of them is associated with the LGBTQ+ community. Regardless of what her daughter’s preference is, Seekins’s words are deemed to be quite offensive and wrongly generalized by a lot of people.

Kerri Seekins Crowe said:

“I am one of those parents who lived with a daughter who was suicidal for three years. Someone once asked me- “wouldn’t I just do anything to help save her?” And I really had to think and the answer was, no. I was not going to give in to her emotional manipulation because she was incapable of making those decisions”

Kerri Seekins Crowe Controversy

What Seekins made sure was very controversial. People called her out for the disregard of her daughter’s mental health as well as her shallow-mindedness.

But, the politician has her view on this. She says she does not disregard her daughter Chandler’s mental health. She has spent days and nights crying over the young girl while she suffered from suicidal thoughts.

However, this did not help Kerri gain sympathy from people in any way. Regardless of how much criticism she has been facing, she remains bold in what she states.

Netizens are not quiet at all. They are completely against what Crowe had to say. People were loud, more on social media because they could not hold back their rage. Since Crowe’s statement was publicized, people have been angry at her.

Who is Kerri Seekins Crowe?

Kerri Seekins Crowe with Her Husband Michael Crowe
Kerri Seekins Crowe with Her Husband Michael Crowe

Kerri Seekins Crowe is a politician. She started her career as a realtor but soon had a career shift. She is one of the most popular politicians in Montana politics and is a member of the Montana House of Representatives from the 43rd district.

Crowe has impressed and inspired a lot of people with all the skills that she has. She is very educated, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Not only is she a former realtor and a politician, but she also has very advanced business knowledge.

She is a married woman. Her husband is Michael Crowe. Likewise, she has two daughters, Chandler Crowe, and Ashley Crowe. The politician remains busy with her work but tries to spend as much time as possible with her family.

Seekins has tried to clarify her statement many times, but nothing has worked in her favor. People are more enraged with additional justification from the politician.

While many supporters still believe she has much to contribute as a politician, many have deemed her unfit for her role.

Kerri Seekins Career

Kerri Seekins Crowe had a very humble beginning in her career. She worked in the Customer Service Department at Delta Air Lines. Kerri soon worked as a business professor at Montana State University Billings, Athens Technical College, Truett McConnell University, Bauder College, and Coastal Carolina Community College.

Her career took a turn she started to work as a realtor. Then, she soon shifted to being a Montana politician and has worked as one ever since.

 Kerri Seekins Crowe's Instagram Post
I’m so thankful that you two survived my lack of parenting skills! Source: Instagram

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How is Kerri Seekins Crowe related to Ashely Seekins Crowe and Chandler Seekins Crowe?

Ashley and Chandler are the daughters of Kerri Seekins Crowe.

Is the Kerri Seekins controversy resolved?

No, the controversy is unresolved as people are trying to cancel Kerri.

Who is Kerri Seekins’s Husband?

Kerri has been long married to Michael Crowe.

Has Kerri Seekins been Cancelled Yet?

No, she has not been canceled till now. However, people have been protesting against her for quite some time now.

What is Kerri Seekins’s Instagram?

You can find Kerri on Instagram as kerri406crowe.

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