Jeff Gladney Net Worth: Career, Achievements & Financial Success

Jeff Gladney Biography
TCU Standout, NFL Player Jeff Gladney
Date Of Birth December 12, 1996
Birthplace New Boston, Texas
Age 25
Died May 30, 2022
Height 5 feet and 11 Inches
Weight Around 76 Kg
Name Jeff Gladney
Father Name John Gladney
Mother Name Jacinda Jefferson
Marital Status Not Married
Children One
Net Worth (2022) $5 million

Jeff Gladney was a professional football player who played as a cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals. Athletes’ net worth fluctuates over their careers from time to time. Looking at his career, he signed a contract with the Minnesota Vikings valued at $10.91 million for four years, with a bonus of $5.56 million. Without any further, let’s continue to know about Jeff Gladney’s net worth occasionally, as it has varied over time.

Jeff Gladney’s Net Worth

Jeff Gladney’s estimated net worth was $5 Million during his NFL career.

His net value varies from time to time, and it all began at New Boston High School in Texas, where he showed passion and remarkable performance. Later, he was recruited by Texas Christian University (TCU) to play for the Horned Frogs team in the year 2015 of February.

Eventually, his net value became $0.5 Million in 2019 and continued to skyrocket, and he made $5 Million in 2022.

Moreover, he served as the team’s fourth cornerback for two seasons in the 2020 National Football League Draft. He garnered much attention and received a guaranteed contract from the Minnesota Vikings in 2020.

Jeff’s career path and excellent performance in the two seasons of the NFL led to his massive net worth value.

To sum it up, his net worth ascended upward, and his net value grew gradually. In 2019, his net worth was $0.5 Million; likewise, in 2020, he rose to $1 Million. In 2021, his net value reached $3 Million, and an impressive $5 Million in 2022.

Jeff Gladney: Contracts, Salary, and Income

Jeff Gladney Contracts, Salary, and Income

Jeff Gladney signed a guaranteed contract with the Vikings, signing a bonus of $5.56 million. Talking about his whole career, he was only a part of two teams Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals, and had a remarkable performance in NFL. As per sources, he agreed to terms with the cardinals, one of the teams where he played, on a two-year, $6.5 Million dollar contract. as well as signing a $2 million bonus during his tenure in Arizona Cardinals.

His one team, Minnesota Vikings, proposed him a salary of $9.1 Million throughout his career. But, his allegations of assault led to his primary income for the three years being canceled. As a result, his income decreased rapidly; regardless, he was already a well-established athlete, so money was never a problem for him.

Jeff Gladney: Early life and Education

Jeff Gladney was born in New Boston, Texas, on December 12, 1996. He began his football career at a very young age and had that passion from the beginning; moreover, he was a three-star competitor in his school life at New Boston high school. Unfortunately, there is no helpful information regarding his early life on the internet, and he has also not favor to talk about his childhood. Still, he grew healthy and had a lot of opportunities in his career.

Similarly, he chose Texas Christian University to play college football, where he gained amassed attention and later on carried to the National football league. While he was playing in college for Texas Christian University, he also graduated college from there as an athlete. Still, his qualification didn’t matter as he had many more options in his athletic career.

Jeff Gladney Death: Cause of Death

Jeff Gladney Death: Cause of Death

Jeff Gladney died on May 30, 2022 in a fatal car accident. It was a tragic moment for the NFL community and his fans. As per the news, he and his girlfriend died in a car accident in Dallas, Texas, at 2:30 pm. This incident left a significant impact on all his fans and admirers, and his memory will undoubtedly live on forever.

Jeff Gladney Age: How Old Is He?

Jeff Gladney was age 25 before he died. He was born on December 12, 1996, in New Boston, Texas. He was born in December, known for his sports mentality and competitiveness; it’s no wonder that Jeff had that brainiac mentality when it comes to sports. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, representing an optimistic quality he had brought to the football field.

Jeff Gladney Height and Weight: How tall is He?

Jeff Gladney’s height and weight have not been disclosed to date. However, based on his appearance, he is around 182.5 cm ( 5 feet 11 inches). Likewise, his weight is about 76 kg, with a masculine and thick body. This is based on his appearance; however, his verified height and weight are yet to come, but given the circumstances, there won’t be any information regarding his height and weight. However, if there is a piece of information regarding his size and weight, we will soon update this article. So, stay updated on that!

Jeff Gladney’s Wife: Is he Married?

So far, there is no news about Jeff Gladney’s wife disclosed. However, he was in a relationship with his girlfriend, but her identity is currently fuzzy. Moreover, in the past, he was accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend and was charged in the Dallas area. Later on, Jeff was freed in 2021 after the judge declared him not guilty of those allegations. But unfortunately, they both died in a car accident on May 30, 2022.

Looking more at his personal life, it seems he had a one-year-old son from one of his past relationships, but the child’s mother remains a mystery. Jeff had always kept his close ones out of the limelight and always focused on making his career strong, and he did it.

Jeff Gladney’s Parents and Siblings

Talking about his parents, Jeff Gladney was born to his father, John Gladney, and his mother, Jacinda Jefferson.

It is known that he had three siblings, and he was the fourth child of his family. But their names remain unclear.

Is he On Instagram?

Jeff Gladney can be found on Instagram under the handle @almighty__gee. He has 36.1k followers as of April 2023.


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