Is Maya Oakley Married?

Maya Oakley is an Instagram influencer with 27k followers. Her glamorous snaps on her social handles have garnered huge popularity.

Maya Oakley is a television personality widely recognized for starring in Nat Geo Wild’s TV series Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet. In the show, she appears alongside her sisters, assisting her mother, Dr. Michelle Oakley, a veterinarian.

Her TV appearance has helped garner her immense popularity on Instagram, amassing a collosol 27K followers.

With growing popularity, the public wanted their queries about Maya Oakley’s marriage to be addressed soon:

Maya Oakley Wedding

Is Maya Oakley Married Maya Oakley Wedding

Well, the speculation regarding Maya Oakley being married is nothing but a hoax. The Nat Geo Wild TV cast is very low-key when it comes to her private life.

Nothing on her social handles hints she is romantically linked with anyone.

As of 2023, her relationship status is single.

What does Dr. Oakley’s daughter Maya Oakley do?

Apart from appearing in the TV series, The Nat Geo Wild TV, Oakley is an activist. She helped to raise funds for Cancer patients and attached a on her IG bio. Further, she is a supporter of a community-based non-profit organization, Minnesota Freedom Fund, providing a bail fund. She uses her Popularity to lend helping hands to needy people.

Besides, Oakley is enrolling at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, majoring in Political science in International Relations. Also, she is minoring in Spanish.

Maya Oakley Family

Maya Oakley Family

Maya Oakley was born the second of three daughters to Michelle Oakley, a Veterinarian, and Shane Oakley, a firefighter.

Maya’s eldest sister, Sierra Oakley, was born on July 15, 1997, followed in her mother’s footsteps, and is enrolling at Murdoch University as a vet student and field assistant.

Interestingly, Maya’s younger sister, Willow Oakley, shares the same birthday as Sierra Oakley. The youngest Oakley in the family was born on 15th July 2004.

All the Oakley sisters appear assisting their mother, Michelle, on TV Dr. Oakley Yukon Ve in Nat Gro. However, Shane is the only one in the family who is not featured in the show. For sure, the public wants clarity about this too. Shane is not a trained vet like the rest of the family members.

Has Maya Oakley Recovered from her Illness? Is Maya Oakley Still Sick?

Has Maya Oakley Recovered from her Illness Is Maya Oakley Still Sick

Well, Maya Oakley is in sound health as of 2023.

However, back in June 2020, she tested positive for COVID-19 and fought a severe illness. However, following a few weeks, she saw improvement in her health.

Since there is no known illness affecting Oakley.

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A post shared by m a y a (@mayaoakleyy)

Maya Oakley is an Instagram influencer with 27k followers. Her glamorous snaps on her social handles have garnered huge popularity. Without a doubt, she is an avid animal lover like her mother, whether it’s pet or wild. She shares animal rescue expeditions on her IG story.

Bursitis, she uses the social platform as the medium to host funds for non-profit organizations as well.


When was Maya Oakley Born?

Yukon, Canada native Maya Oakley was born on 2nd December 1998. She is Sagittarius.

How old is Maya Oakley?

Maya Oakley is 24 years old.

How Much Is Maya Oakley’s Net Worth?

Maya Oakley’s net worth is approximately $0.1 million.


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