Is Jonathan Majors Gay? Know His Sexual Orientation

Following an IG post with actor Michael B. Jordan, Jonathan Majors was rumored to be Gay. Soon after the gossip swirled around the media, he dropped the big news of dating actress Meagan Good. Majors is definitely not GAY

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star Jonathan Majors came under a bombardment of being gay. The actor found himself surrounded by speculation regarding his sexual orientation following an Instagram post of him with actor Michael B. Jordan.

So, is Jonathan Majors gay? Jonathan Majors’s Gay rumor is nothing but a huge bluff in the media that created an immense buzz. Let us prove that to you. Stay tuned with us till the end to learn the truth.

Jonathan Majors Gay Speculation

Jonathan Majors Gay Speculation

If the Jonathan Majors Gay rumor is surmising around the media just because of the IG post with Michael B. Jordan, then it is certainly a hoax.

Coming to Entertainment Tonight in 2023, he expressed how much he cherishes his friendship with Michael Jordan. Majors said he shares a very amicable relationship with his dear friend, Jordan. He continued how they support each other no matter what they are going through.

That’s my best buddy,” Majors said.

Undoubtedly, his statement made it clear the men share a strong bond. As for the new title they received, the actor said Jordan is perfect for being the internet’s boyfriend.

Is Jonathan Majors Dating?

Is Jonathan Majors Dating

Jonathan Majors and Shazam! Fury of the Gods actress Meagan Good is the new lovebird in town.

Their relationship blossomed in the year 2023. A witness said the pair were spotted together at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in L.A. for a movie date. Further, they appeared vacaying on both coasts, traveling a bunch, and all above that, Major was seen having lunch with Good’s mother and her sister. They were at the seafood chain in Woodland Hills.

What’s more? The couple is going international too. They popped up in Morocco, shopping for pottery in a shop in Fez, Morocco.

No doubt, their romance arrived at the perk of a physical assault allegation against Jonathan by 30 years old woman, supposedly his former girlfriend.

The actor was arrested on 25th March 2023, alleging strangulation, harassment, and assault charges. Nevertheless, his lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, denied all of the charges and further pointed to a video clip of the supposed injured party enjoying at a club after the alleged incident went down as proof.

Despite all that, Megan is standing by Jonathan’s side. In June 2023, she even came alongside him hand in hand at Court amid Assault Charges.

Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good are now flaunting their relationship openly.

Who Is Jonathan Majors New Girlfriend?

Who Is Jonathan Majors New Girlfriend

Since their latest court appearance in June 2023, it’s kinda official that Meagan Good is the new girlfriend of Majors.

Meagan Good is an Actress born on 8th August 1981 in Los Angeles. She rose to early prominence following her appearance in the 1997 movie Eve’s Bayou. After that, she came as a lead character, Nina Jones, in Nickelodeon Sitcom Cousin Skeeter (1998-2001). Further, she furthered her acting career with her roles in Stomp the Yard, Deliver Us from Eva, Roll Bounce, Thinks Like a Man, One Missed Call, and Shazam! and Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Before Majors, Good was married to American producer and motivational speaker DeVon Franklin. They divorced in June 2022 after a decade of being married.

Jonathan Majors Is A Loving Father To His Daughter

Jonathan Majors Is A Loving Father To His Daughter

Majors is parenting his only daughter, Ella Majors.

It was in 2020 he disclosed being a father. He told that he has a seven years old mixed race daughter, born before he enrolled at the Yale School of Drama. Though, he did not mention the mother of his child.

Further, Majors has kept Ella’s information under the shades.

Jonathan Majors Movies

Inside Jonathan Majors' Two Big Netflix Roles

Jonathan Majors made his debut in 2017 with the docudrama miniseries, When We Rise as Ken Jones, a role he secured while still a student at Yale.

He rose to prominence following his role as Montgomery Allen in the 2019 movie, The Last Black Man in San Francisco. The following year, Majors starred in HBO horror series, Lovecraft Country as Atticus Sampson “Tic” Freeman, for which he received Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

In 2023, he did Kang the Conqueror role in the Marvel movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Further, he starred as Damian Anderson in Creed III.

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How Old Is Jonathan Majors?

Jonathan Majors, born on 7 September 1989, is aged 33.

Why is Jonathan Majors going to court?

Actor Jonathan Majors is accused of harassment, assault, and strangulation to a thirty-year-old woman.

What is Jonathan Majors net worth?

Major’s total net worth in 2023 is calculated around $7 million.

Where is Jonathan Majors originally from?

Jonathan Majors is a native of Santa Barbara County, California, born to American-African parents.

How much did Jonathan Majors get paid for Kang?

Jonathan Majors pulled out no less than the six-digit figure for Kang. Bigger than that, he is reportedly set to pay $20 million for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

Does Jonathan Majors have a kid?

Jonathan Majors have a daughter named Ella Majors.


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