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How Did Tracy Brown Bering Die?

Tracy Brown Bering passed away, and the news has been confirmed by her mother on her private Facebook profile.

Popular prison inmate Tracy Brown Bering passed away on December 4, 2022. Tracy’s mother, Yolanda Ducharme, announced the devastating news to the public via a Facebook post.

Tracy Brown Bering shared a cell with Jodi Arias at Estrella Prsion, Phoenix, for almost five months.

There have been a lot of mysteries when it comes to Bering’s death; let’s unfold some through this article!

How Did Tracy Brown Bering Die?

How Did Tracy Brown Bering Die

Tracy Brown Bering has been dead for six months now. The author has allegedly died from suicide. Tracy was said to be in jail for a while. And fans were quite suspicious of her partner Donovan.

However, a lot of sources, including The Cinemaholics, claim that Donovan and Tracy are living a better life in Arizona. Donovan Bering has been said to be a business owner in the same city.

While a lot of people have been assuming that Bering is still alive, from the Facebook post by both her mother and Understanding Crime, it can almost be confirmed that she has taken her own life.

The couple had been a little too private about their personal life, letting everyone only assume what best or worse could have taken place in their lives.

Although fingers were pointed at her partner Donovan, sources claim that the cause of her death was depression. The former prison inmate was done with life and decided to end it at the end of last year.

Brown’s mother disclosed the news of her death to the world, and she was also one of those few people in the dead’s life who expressed her genuine feelings of sadness after Tracy died.

Yolanda also posted some heartwarming childhood pictures of her late daughter on her social media. The post, of course, garnered a lot of attention from the onlookers, and people were shocked at Tracy’s untimely demise.

People who knew her personally and through the news wished for her grieving mother’s well-being as well as hoped for Brown to be in a better place in the comment section.

What Happened to Tracy Brown Bering?

What Happened to Tracy Brown Bering

Tracy Brown Bering has been married to Donavan Bering since 2018. Hence, being married to an inmate, it is not new for people to blame Tracy’s partner for her death.

The husband of the late inmate was suffering from Cancer. And she had always been very supportive of her husband’s recovery. Furthermore, Brown tried her best to be there for her partner every time and chance that she could.

The two have, apparently, shared a good bond, according to her partner. Donovan says that his wife has been taking care of him in sickness and that she has been a very good partner to him.

Moreover, the growth in their relationship has been shown in Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias (2023).

The reason why the late prison inmate took the harsh decision to end her own life, whatsoever, remains a mystery in the eyes of the world. Tracy was definitely not in the best mental state after getting out of prison.

Who is Tracy Brown Bering?

Who is Tracy Brown Bering

Tracy Brown Bering is a former prison inmate who gained popularity after she was imprisoned for kidnapping. The late prisoner, while serving her sentence, met Jodi Arias at Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Arizona. This is also a reason why Brown could be seen in Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias.

Arias and Brown shared a very good friendship with one another. So much so, that Tracy even let Jodi make six tattoos on her body while their serving time at the prison.

Likewise, she has also been in a fairly long-term relationship which turned from friendship to marriage with Donovan Bering. The couple met at Maricopa Country Jail and instantly clicked.

After being in Jodi Arias’s Bad Behind Bars, the reason Brown came into the tabloids is that her death shocked everyone.

According to her mother, Tracy was diagnosed with depression which proved to be beyond repair. The mother claims to have tried everything she could to get her daughter to feel sound and happy again, only to realize that it was too late for her to do anything.

Tracy Bering Brown Early Life

Neither Tracy Bering Brown nor her family has disclosed her age to this date. Brown seemed to have a very great bonding with her mother.

Likewise, not much is known about her family. From the pictures that her mother Yolanda posted on her Facebook post-Tracy’s demise, it can be said that Brown had a very good childhood.

Though the family she was raised in was not the wealthiest, Yolanda has, as she claims, tried her best to be there for her daughter in every way that she could. Furthermore, she had to separate from her family after she got imprisoned when she indulged herself in a kidnapping.

Nevertheless, Tracy has always been around loving people despite her bitter recent past.

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Tracy Brown Bering FAQs

Is Tracy Brown Bering Still Alive?

No, Tracy Brown Bering passed away, and the news has been confirmed by her mother on her private Facebook profile.

Hence, she is no longer serving prison and has been gone from this world since 2022.

How Did Tracy Brown Bering Pass Away?

The cause of Tracy Brown’s death was suicide, and her close ones have also confirmed that she was suffering from depression.

Despite trying her best to save her daughter, Tracy’s mother, Yolanda, was unable to do so. The mother of the late prison inmate is still grieving for her child.

Where is Tracy Bering Brown now?

A lot of people who have heard of the kidnapping case of Tracy Bering Brown and those who know her from Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias have been wondering where she is now.

There have been a lot of assumptions about how Brown may be living her best life with a recovering husband; it is quite saddening that this is fake news spread by tabloids.

The truth is she passed away on December 4th, 2022.

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