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Gabriele Bonci Wife: Netflix’s Chef’s Table Star Married?

In the reality show Chef's Table, Bonci said he was confused about the distinction between the real-life Gabriele Bonci and the character Bonci which he recognized as a "clown costume" and the jingle "the red nose.

Italy’s foremost celebrity baker, Gabriele Bonci’s wife, is in the top search list since he starred in Netflix’s Chef’s Table documentary series. Although he zips his lips regarding his personal life, fans have already witnessed a ring on the 4th finger of his left hand. Well, that’s more than enough to know if someone got hitched.

But the big question remains: If the Pizza Specialist is a family man, why is he not publicly talking about them? Active on Instagram, carrying a huge 390K followers, Bonci is fascinated with flaunting his cooking talents, and why not post the family scene?

Certainly, the public figure’s private life is not exclusively his own. It is well assumed that the people’s right to know about the celebrity includes their personal life too. So,

Who Is Chef Gabriele Bonci Wife?

Who Is Chef Gabriele Bonci Wife?

Gabriel Bonci’s wife is a beautiful lady who prefers not to steal the limelight from her husband. Mr.s Bonci lives her life far from public attention, enjoying private space with her hubby. No doubt, their marital bliss is no less than a fairy tale. Like the old saying:

“A man who cooks at times and helps the wife nurtures a romantic relationship that adds flavor to the marriage.”

Interestingly, some online source claims he shares two children: a son, Federico, and a daughter, Lia, with his wife. However, Bonic has made nothing official about him being married and having children.


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But certainly, one cannot deny that when Bonci’s hands are not indulged in cooking, his left ring finger is encircled by a ring. A Wedding Ring for sure.

Gabriele Bonci Weight Loss

Gabriele Bonci Weight Loss

Big Child. Big and Round. Beautifully round,” this is how the chef narrated himself in words. Beginning to cook at early as he was fourteen, Bonci states that from then on, he realized cooking was his only passion. With falling in for cooking, however, he gained lots of weight. On the way from school, he remembers his routine was grabbing risotto, supplì, and a slice of tomato pizza daily.

In the reality show Chef’s Table, Bonci said he was confused about the distinction between the real-life Gabriele Bonci and the character Bonci which he recognized as a “clown costume” and the jingle “the red nose. ” He added his intention to put an end to the character to survive. Back then, Bonci weighed massively 200 kilograms (440 lb). Further, he announced undergoing sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Gabriele Bonci Pizza Recipe

Gabriele Bonci Pizza Recipe

Here is Gabriel Bonci Pizza recipe:

Significantly Bonci uses a pure organic proprietary blend of heritage stone ground flours produced in Italy.

  • First step: mix the flour with water, salt, and the most unusual thing in pizza: extra virgin olive oil
  • Second step: left the dough for 48-72 hours, until it properly rise
  • Third Step: Bake at 250 C° for 10 mins
  • Fourth Step: add the toppings and bake once again

Gabriele Bonci Resturants

Gabriele Bonci Resturants

By 16, Gabriel Bonci started working in a trattoria in Abruzzo, east of Rome. Two years later, he moved to London to work in restaurants. Again, he returned to his native and worked in 2X Michelin Star restaurant Convivio in Rome.

Upon graduation from cooking school, Gabriel was hired by Rome’s Simposio restaurant, where he made his way to become a chef.

In 2003, Gabriele Bonci opened Pizzarium Bonci in Rome, close to Vatican City. Authors of Tasting Rome: Kristin Gill and Katie Parla’s called his Pizzarium Rome’s landmark pizza-by-the-slice joint.

In 2017, he expanded Rome’s taste to the United States, opening a Chicago pizzeria. Vogue named his pizza-making “Michelangelo of Pizza.”

Later he appeared in the TV show “The Cook’s Test,” the culinary talent show. Further, he was a judge on the Italian talent TV show Bake Off Italia – Desserts in the Oven.

In 2019, he hosted a TV show, Pizza Hero.

In 2022, he opened his 2nd restaurant in the United States, Bonci Pizza, in Miami. That same year, he appeared in the documentary series, Chef’s Table on Netflix.

Gabriel Bonci Took Inspiration From His Mom To Become A Chef: Family

Gabriel Bonci Took Inspiration From His Mom To Become A Chef Family

His parents: Sergio comes from a farmer’s family in Agro Pontino, while his father Severina ran a family ran trattoria in Cupramontana.

Bonci was inspired by his mom in cooking. One fine day when his family left the house to attend church, he saw his mother leaving the dough, which slowly and gradually rose beneath a radiator. From that moment, he just fell into the bakery.

He enrolled at a catering school.

His family does not want him to get into cooking. However, he stepped out of his comfort zone and attended cooking school.

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When was Gabriele Bonci Born?

Gabriele Bonci was born on 24th March 1977. Age: 46 years old.

What is Gabriele Bonci’s height? How Tall Is Chef’s Table Star?

Gabriele’s Height is Undisclosed.

How Much Is Gabriele Bonci’s Net Worth?

Bonci’s Net Worth is estimated at over $1 million.


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