How Much Is Ariel Frenkel’s Father Feliks Frenkel’s Net Worth?

Discover the captivating story behind Feliks Frenkel's net worth and the impact it has had on his family's life.

Feliks Frenkel, a Soviet emigre, is a celebrated Investor and Philanthropist in the United States. With his huge donation of $100,000 to the National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene in 2015, he caught the general public attention. Since then, his net worth details are what the public is concerned about the most.

Frenkel appeared as a guest on CUNY TV Show, “Building New York-New York Life Stories,” to discuss his role as a community leader in the New York tri-state area. He stands as the community leader for the Council of Jewish Emigre Community Organizations (COJECO), the axis of the Russian-speaking Jewish community in New York.

Lately, Frenkel appeared in the 27th season of the American dating game show, The Bachelor accompanying his daughter, Ariel Frenkal.

Feliks Frenkel Net Worth In 2023

Feliks Frenkel Net Worth In 2023

Feliks Frenkel is a multimillionaire known for two primary things: one, being a temperament Investor, and two, his philanthropic personality. He has been around the industry for a long time.

As reported, he was one of the investors of Deyu Agriculture Corporation, which had 12.5 million shares in 2011. Further, he is indulged with Israel’s fastest-growing university, Ariel University Center, ranked #1785 in Best Global Universities.

As of 2023, Feliks Frenkel is worth over $10 million.

Russian Immigrant’s Adjustment To Life In A New Country

Russian Immigrant Feliks Frenkel's Adjustment To Life In A New Country
Feliks Frenkel’s Family (Feliks with His Son Bobby and Daughter In Law Gabriel)

Born to Jew parents, Feliks Frenkel moved to the United States to escape Soviet Ukraine persecution and the betterment of their children’s future.

To begin: Feliks’ father was an alumnus of Leningrad Military Institute a structural specialist who served in the Soviet Armed Forces.

After graduating from the University of Siberia, Feliks moved to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, where he faced discrimination due to the Jew religion. Later, Feliks joined the massive resettlement of Jews to the United States.

In 1977, Felix moved to the United States. Back then, the 22-year-old immigrant took an odd job in front of him to support life in the new country. Later, he would join The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Economics degree. In 1980, he graduated. Later, he got in contact with tycoon investor Alan “Ace” Greenberg, which changed his fate.

Not only prominent as an Investor, but Frenkel has also widely supported philanthropy work. He leads COJECO as well as is a BOD member and an Executive Committee Member of the UJA Federation.

In 2014, Feliks received honored by the UJA Federation for his contribution in the community.

Feliks Frenkel – Father Of Two

Feliks Frenkel family

Frenkel and his beloved wife Marina are blessed with two children: Ariel Frenkel (August 24, 1994) and Bobby Frenkel.

Daughter Ariel received her High School Diploma from Trevor Day School. Further, she enrolled at Florence University of Arts in the culinary course. In 2012, she joined George Washington University, where she did a Bachelor of Arts.

While still studying, Felik’s daughter began as Corporate Public Relations Intern at 5W Public Relations (Jun 2011 – Aug 2011), followed by Finance Intern at Tradition Asiel Securities, Inc. (Apr 2012 – Jun 2012 ), Marketing and Public Relations Intern at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center (Apr 2012 – Jun 2012), Schnur Associates Inc. (Jul 2013 – Aug 2013), Wu, Grohovsky & Whipple, P.L.L.C (Sep 2013 – May 2014), Cannes Film Festival Intern (May 2014), Theatrical Publicity Intern (Jun 2014 – Aug 2014), Film and Publicity Intern (Jan 2015 – May 2015), and Rotational Intern (May 2015 – Jul 2015).

In April 2015, she was hired as Campus Brand Manager by Ponder Products, Inc. In August 2016, she took as a TV Scripted Assistance at William Morris Endeavor and switched to Project Manager at Earl Enterprises in April 2018. Further, she was a B2C Account Planner at Financial Times. Since June 2022, she has been working as a freelance marketing consultant.

Meanwhile, Felik’s son Bobby Frenkel’s professional life is under the shade. But, thanks to Ariel’s social handle for providing personal insight into her brother’s life. Bobby is married to Gabrielle Seris.

Feliks Frenkel’s Daughter, Ariel Frenkel In Bachelorate

Zach Says Goodbye to Ariel - The Bachelor
Zach Says Goodbye to Ariel – The Bachelor

Ariel was a contestant for the 27th season of the American dating show, The Bachelor, starring American TV personality Zach Shallcross. Ariel, prominent for previously dating actor Michael Vlamis, brought her parents into the show.

In the “Week 8: Hometowns” episode on 13 March 2023, Ariel and Zach meet at Washington Square Park to explore the beautiful city. Further, they went to Ben’s Pizzeria to grab a slice, and she got Zach his first Jwesh food at Sarge’s. Moreover, Zach meets her family: her father, Feliks, and brother Bobby.


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Did Ariel End Up With Zach?

Though Ariel did not win the show, she was 2nd runner-up, starring in The Bachelorette until its last episode.

Meanwhile, Zach ultimately chose to give the final rose to Kaity Biggar. They got engaged on national television and disclosed their plan to move in together In Austin, Texas. They would marry two years later, in 2025.

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Who is Ariel Frenkel mom?

Ariel Fremkel’s mom is Marina Frenkel.

Who is the wife of Feliks Frenkel?

Marina Frenkel is the wife of Feliks Frenkel.

What is Ariel Frenkel’s ethnicity?

Ariel Frenkel’s ancestors came from the East Slavic ethnic group.


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