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Did George Jones Leave His Daughter Any Money?

After George Glenn Jones passed away in 2013, his adorers are curious to know who is his wealth inherited by and Did George Jones Leave His Daughter Any Money?

George Jones is one of the most popular country singers of all time. No singer in any generation could replace him as he has set that high standard in music.

Sadly, Jones passed away in 2013 ever since, many fans have been curious about what had happened that caused him to strain his relationship with his daughter just before passing away.

In this article, we have written everything you may need to know about George Jones and whether he left money for his daughter.

Who Inherited George Jones Money?

Nancy Jones and Emily Portman as Loretta Lynn in the Nashville debut of Always Loretta. When watching Emily you truly think you are seeing Loretta.
Nancy Jones and Emily Portman as Loretta Lynn in the Nashville debut of Always Loretta. When watching Emily you truly think you are seeing Loretta.

The “She Thinks I Still Care” singer did not leave money for any of his children. His widow and fourth wife, Nancy Jones, took care of whatever was left of his wealth after he passed away.

Jones was very active in his music career until his life’s end. Likewise, he made very impressive money from investing in real estate. This helped him accumulate a net worth of $35 Million.

Moreover, he had at least 50 concerts per year which also helped him become a wealthy man while he was here. But, George accused his daughter of having ulterior motives regarding his money and wealth.

This is also why his wife, Nancy Jones, took the inheritance. She sold his intellectual property and other such assets to Concord Records. This helped her gain a total of $30 Million.

Though Jones’s children tried to get some inherited money, especially his daughter, there were a few restrictions.

Did George Jones Leave Money for His Daughter?

Did George Jones Leave Money for His Daughter Georgette Jones

George did not have a good relationship with his daughter, Georgette Jones, a country singer.

The relationship soured a little before George passed away. He accused her of wanting him only so that she could profit from her. The late singer claimed that he has always been there for his children. And, he could never let them go hungry.

But things took a wrong turn when Jones felt like Georgette and her husband were trying to get money from him in the worse way possible.

Moreover, he also pointed out that his daughter was spreading fake rumors about him for her selfish good. On the other hand, Georgette replied by contrasting whatever her father had to say about her.

She shared publicly that she only wanted to have a good relationship with her dad, and he mistook her for wanting to take his money from him.

Despite everything, his daughter was given $50,000 as what was written in the late singer’s will.

George Jones Georgette Jones

While the father-daughter relationship was bad only a little before he passed away, George Jones has been in many concerts alongside his daughter, hoping to bond with her.

Georgette, on the other hand, despite having famous parents, did not use this as a weapon to get famous. She always had a talent, and she managed to monetize it.

The daughter of the “He Stopped Loving Her Tonight” singer also shared that her dad did not walk her down the aisle. George had a bitter relationship with his two sons because he was not willing to give a share of his record label money to his ex-wife after they divorced.

The sons and the dad was not even on talking terms. Once Georgette got close to them, Jones tried to cut her off from his life. Her two brothers walked her down the aisle at her wedding while George had a concert on the same day.

George Jones Daughter Susan Smith

Source : Facebook Susan and Harmon Smith with their daughter Jennifer and her twins Jason and Laura. Susan your daddy would be so proud of his great grandchildren!

One of George’s daughters, Susan Smith, shares a bitter past with her father. However, she was furious with Nancy Jones, her stepmother, who she claims had kept her away from her father.

Nancy has inherited much of George’s money, including his car, record labels, and more. And Susan did not approve of how her name was not even in his will. She believes that, as his daughter, she is entitled to some part of his wealth.

After Susan filed a lawsuit against Nancy, the case settled with her getting $2 Million.

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