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Know Franco Harris’s Wife Dana Dokmanovich: Career, Age, Son

Dana Dochmanovich was the heart and soul of the late football player Franco Harris. Today, she has been trying her best to do better than ever with her son in her 60s.

Who is Dana Dochmanovich?

Name Dana Dochmanovich
Spouse Franco Harris
Son Franco Dokmanovich Harris Jr.
Birth Place USA
Age In her 60s
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Profession Former model, Former flight attendant
Net Worth $500 K

If you are an NFL fan, you can never forget the legacy of Franco Harris. Dana Dochmanovic became the most sought person on the internet after her husband passed away. Fans had lots of questions about Dana. Most importantly, people wanted to know about the age of Dana Dochmanovich.

Hence, in this article, we have summed up some of the most important and interesting facts about Dana, including her age. Stay tuned to learn more!

Who is Dana Dochmanovich?

Dana Dochmanovich is the wife of the late NFL player Franco Harris. Dana was born in the United States and has been living in the States ever since. Sadly for a lot of fans, Dochmanovich is a very private person. And, not much is yet known about her.

She has only publicized a limited amount of her private life. Likewise, her childhood and early life are almost a secret to all.

What is the age of Dana Dochmanovich?

What is the age of Dana Dochmanovich?

Though Dana has not yet revealed much about her details, it has been reported that she was born between 1951 and 1954. Therefore, she is in her late 60s as of the year 2023.

The widow of the former NBL player has been with him almost all her life as they met very early.

Dana Dochmanovich Career

Dana has been very active in the former years of her life. She was a model and a flight attendant when she was young.

Fashion influenced her growing up. Hence, she chose to become a fashion model. She has had quite a decent career as a model, and many people in the modeling world recognize her for her work in the past. She has worked for high fashion and popular brands like Calvin Klien, Victoria’s Secret, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Similarly, Dochmanovich has also worked as a flight attendant.

Besides these, Dana has a history of a career as an actress. Though she has not yet played lead roles in any movies, she has been a prominent part of projects like 2017’s “The Girl Who Invented Kissing,” “The Blacklist,” and “Billions,”. The Girl Who Invented Kissing was her debut movie, and people recognize her for the role that she played in it.

The media personality is also a social media influencer. She has been working as one by promoting brands, reviewing products, and having an active presence on social media. Dochmanovich has a very impressive following on all the social media platforms she uses. Furthermore, she posts beauty tips and fashion suggestions on her Instagram, which many fans have been using productively.

Dana Dochmanovich Franco Harris

Franco Harris met his common-law wife, Dana Dokmanovich

Franco Harris and Dana Dochmanovich have been together since they were in college. The college sweethearts did not leave each other’s side until the most dreadful day. This was the day Harris passed away in December 2022.

Dana has been reminiscing about her late husband in every way possible. Though times are hard for both the widow and her son, they have been trying to take the legacy of their loved one to different heights even today.

Dana Dochmanovich Son

Dana Dochmanovich Son Franco Dokmanovich Harris Jr.

Dana shares a son with Harris. He is known to the world as Franco Dokmanovich Harris Jr.

Dochmanovich and Franco Harris Jr. were seen together in the NBL stadium when they retired Franco Harris’s jersey for the last time in the center. This was a very emotional moment for both the mother and the son.

While Franco has always been very fond of sports, in an interview with Pittsburgh Magazine in September 2010, Dana revealed that she did not want her son to become a football player.

Dana Dochmanovich Education

Dochmanovich is an educated lady. She pursued her secondary education at a school in Serbia. She graduated from Serbia itself before moving to the United States.

In the United States, Dohchmanovich chased her dreams of becoming a prominent figure in the fashion industry. She joined a fashion college in New York City soon after she landed in America.

Dana Dochmanovich Social Media

Dana is not active on her social media anymore. She took a break after her husband died. Hence, fans cannot find her on any online platforms now. Hopefully, she will be back on social media soon.

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