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Shanquella Robinson’s Mother CONFRONTS Daejanae Jackson

Daejanae Jackson has been in the news for quite a while, and people have been wondering about her whereabouts, including her mother, her murder case, and more.

Name Dejanae Imani Jackson
Date Of Birth 1997
Place of Birth  North Carolina, America
Zodiac Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Height 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Profession Health Professional

Jackson is one of those people who have shaken people all around America with her controversial murder case. She had only been rumored to have killed Shanquella Robinson. But things have taken turns!

Let us learn more about Daejanae Jackson in this article.

Who is Daejanae Jackson?

Is Daejanae Jackson in Custody?

Daejanae Jackson is a name that became popular after she murdered Shanquella Robinson. Daejanae had a normal life with her aspirations of becoming a health professional. She graduated from Winston Salem State University with a degree in healthcare management.

Her life unfolded in the worst way possible after she was involved in beating and killing Robinson.

Where is Daejanae Jackson Now?

She is in prison in Mexico as of now. After remaining in custody after her arrest, she was deported to Mexico soon after.

Daejanae Jackson Arrested

Daejanae Jackson in Jail

Jackson was the prime suspect and has been proven to be the culprit of the murder of businesswoman Shanquella Robinson. The victim was only 25 when she was brutally murdered in October 2022. Jackson has become a trending topic in the news headlines and the internet. People are in disbelief that the culprit has become so violent and damaging to her life early in life.

Though no concrete evidence exists about the murder, Shanqella was last seen in a fight with Daejanae. The footage went viral on the internet. Furthermore, Jackson went to Robinson after the fight, which triggered everyone the most. Most of the close family and relatives of the culprit have not been open about her whereabouts, even today.

Likewise, the police have also not yet revealed what happened to her. However, her arrest was publicized by the victim’s mother soon after the incident. While there were several claims through different sources that Daejanae had been arrested, many other pieces of evidence say otherwise.

However, it has been confirmed that the authorities had arrested her. She was kept in federal custody before being deported to Mexico for femicide against Shanquella Robinson.

After Jackson’s video of her fighting the victim has come out, the people in the Black community have been raging. A lot of people, regardless of their race, have been seeking to get justice for Shanquella.

Moreover, the attorneys have even shared the names of Jackson and Robinson in a letter to the white house.

Daejanae Jackson Mother

Jackson is the culprit in the murder of Shanquelaa Robinson. Daejanae Jackson’s mother is still a mystery to all. While the victim’s mother has come to the public to talk about this situation, none of Jackson’s parents or even relatives have come forward to give any statement to this day.

Daejanae Jackson Parents

The culprit of the murder has not yet been revealed about her parents. Likewise, none of her parents have come in front of the public to claim their daughter either. Henceforth, there are no sources that justify who Jackson’s parents are.


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Who is Shanquella Robinson?

Who is Shanquella Robinson?

Shanquella Robinson was a 25-year-old businesswoman. She was doing good in her career until everything messed up in her life. Her life ended on October 2022 after Daejanae Jackson attacked her. Though the footage of her being beaten up has become viral, there wasn’t enough evidence regarding who murdered her at first.

Soon after, the authorities looked deeper into the case and proved Daejanae Jackson to be the prime suspect and then the murderer as well. The footage where Jackson is seen beating Shanquella is very harsh and strikes the hearts of many worldwide in a very bitter way.

Thankfully, Robinson’s murder mystery has been solved. And people are now demanding justice for her.

Shanquella Robinson Mother

Shanquella Robinson Mother

Shanquella Robinson’s mother is devastated by what happened to her daughter. She has accused the culprit of being a liar.

The grieving mother demanded another autopsy for her daughter in April 2023. There was proof of brain injury due to being hit in the head in Shanquella’s dead body. Moreover, the mother claims there have been signs of strangling from Daejanae Jackson.

The murder case really proved that even general people have the ability to voice against injustice. Robinson’s mother has tried to pursue charges for her daughter’s death. Whatever, the federal prosecutors have been refusing to pursue charges against the murderer due to lack of evidence.

Shanquella’s mom, on the other hand, has been trying her best to get them enough evidence so that her daughter will end up getting justice. The fight against injustice has continued for the mother and many other people from her community who have been trying to raise their voices against the murder.

Meanwhile, in an interview with CBS News, Mrs. Robinson also shared that even her lawyer was critical of the lack of urgency shown by the US authorities in her daughter’s murder case. Regardless of everything they have been trying to do, perfect justice for Shanquella is still being delayed several months after her murder. The mother also said that the authorities had removed their duty and failed her family.

She shared in a painful statement, “My daughter did not deserve to die that way.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What happened to Daejanae Jackson?

Daejanae Jackson is responsible for the brutal murder of Shanqella Robinson. She had blown the victim’s face several times before she collapsed to the floor and died on the spot. The victim’s parents are still seeking justice for their daughter.

2. Where does Daejanae Jackson live?

She lives in North Carolina.

3. What happened to Shanquella Robinson’s murder case?

Shanquella Robinso’s murderer was arrested, but the authorities deny pursuing charges even now.

4. Was Daejanae Jackson arrested?

Yes, Daejanae Jackson was arrested.

5. How old was Shanquella Robinson?

She was only 25 years old when she died.

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