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Daejanae Jackson in Jail: Arrested And Shipped To Mexico

Daejanae Jackson is a prime suspect in the vicious murder of Shanquella Robinson. Also, she is the “friend” of the murder victim, with whom she went on a trip to Mexico to celebrate a friend’s birthday with five others.

Shanquella Robinson, a late social media personality and businesswoman from North Carolina was stabbed to death while on vacation in Mexico. She passed away on 29th October 2022. Her cause of death garnered broad considerable public interest.

Later a video surfaced showing Robinson being attacked in a rental villa.

Is Daejanae Jackson in Custody?

Is Daejanae Jackson in Custody?

On 28th November 2022, Daejanae Jackson was arrested for allegedly beating Shanquella Robinson to death.

Jackson was proved to be the black woman who appeared in the video violently beating Shanquella Robinson, confirmed by Baja California Sur’s Attorney General’s Office of the State.

With her identification on the video, on 21st November 2022, the Attorney General’s Office requested an arrest warrant for her for extradition purposes.

Both Mexico and The governments of the United States were secretive about the arrest of Jackson on the night of 28th November, when the fugitive from Mexican Justice was in a relative’s home.

Reportedly, she was admitted to a service center in the United States without acquiring further location details. The last obtained information was she was waiting to be deported to Mexico.

Daejanae Jackson, Where is She Now?

Daejhanae Jackson is listed on criminal file J664/2022; a femicide case registered with Shanquella Robinson’s death.

Detained persons are not introduced to the media by the Government of Mexico.

Though there is no detail about her sentence by Mexico’s government, she is believed to be presently serving in jail in Mexico.

Shanquella’s Friends Lied About The Cause Of Her Passing Away

Shanquella’s Friends Lied About The Cause Of Her Passing Away

The murder victim’s six friends named; Kahalil Cooke, Daejhanae Jackson, Malik Dyer, Alysse Hyatt, Nazeer Wiggins, and Weter Donovan, reported false reports about the cause of Shanquella Robinson’s untimely demise.

On the second day of their Mexico vacation, Victim’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, received a phone call from Khalil, Shanquella’s best friend saying she was resting because she was overdrunk.

A few hours later, Salamondra received another call from Khalil, informing her there was an ambulance in the villa where they were partying and trying to rescue Shanquella.

When Khalil returned to call again, he reported to Robinson that Shanquella had alcohol poisoning. Tragically, as per her best friend, the doctors couldn’t save Shanquella. At that time, Shanquella’s friends rushed to move back to the United States from Mexico to avoid legal trouble.

When Khalil returned, he visited Shanquella’s mother’s house to leave her luggage. Nevertheless, he was in touch with Robinson’s family and later brought the female friends: Weter Donovan and Daejhanae Jackson, present in Mexico.

Both the female mates narrated the same story to Mrs. Robinson that Khalil said earlier: Shanquella Robinson died of alcohol poisoning.

However, the victim’s sister, Quilla Long, had already received anonymous phone calls mentioning that they had a fight in Mexico and attacked Shanquella.

And boom, the autopsy revealed that her death was due to a broken spine and neck and had nothing to do with alcohol, thus ultimately confirming that she had been abused till the death.

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Vacation Trip Turned Deadly

Vacation Trip Turned Deadly

Shanquella Robinson traveled with her mates from Winston-Salem State University. The group arrived in Mexico on 28th October. As reported, they rented a villa in San Jose del Cabo.

On 29th October, Shanquella Robinson was pronounced dead.

Later, a brutal video surfaced online, showing a physical dispute between Robinson and another person inside a room. It’s unclear when the video was captured or if it was the exact moment she suffered the deadly injury.

In that brutal video, Robin appeared naked, beaten, and smashed to the floor. It’s unclear what led to the quarrel and how many people were in the room then. Also, the public is shocked that anyone in the group did not try to intervene in that brutality.


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