Cody Alan Williams Net Worth: Discography

Cody Alan Williams is a Second Unit Director. But why the man behind the camera is so in the limelight? Well, he is the son of Robin Williams, one of the greatest comedians ever. It is no strange kids steal their famous parents’ spotlight.

Who Is Robin Williams’s Son, Cody Alan Williams? Bio, Age

cody alan william bio

New York native Cody Alan Williams was born on 25th November 1991. As aforementioned, he is the son of Robin Williams’s then-wife, Marsha Garces. Also, they had a kid before, Cody. Zelda Rae Williams, the eldest, was born on 31st July 1989. Moreover, there is a half-brother in the family, Zachary Pym “Zak” Williams. He was born in 1983, from his father’s first marriage.

As reported, Cody studied music production.

His sister, Zelada, followed in his father’s footsteps and began acting at the age of five. Though working in the same industry, Cody preferred to be behind the camera.

What Is Cody Alan Williams Doing? Is He In The Hollywood

Robin william's son cody alan williams

Cody Alan William has established himself as an assistant director in Hollywood.

In 2006, he started as a second second assistant director in the TV series CSI Miami. From this point, he is growing in the film industry. He is credited for hits such as Ant-Man (2015), The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 2 (2015), Black Panther (2018), and Captain Marvel (2019).

His upcoming project is The Out-Laws, which is completed and scheduled to release in 2023. Also, he is working in the Marvel Studious movie, Echo.

Cody Alan Williams Parents: Robin Williams And Marsha Garces

Cody Alan Williams Parents Robin Williams And Marsha Garces

World knows Cody’s Mother, Marsha Garces is Robin’s second wife. Well, how do they meet? Was Robin a married guy at the time to his first wife?

To others’ surprise, Marsha Garces was the nanny to Robin and his first wife, Valerie’s son, Zachary. Robin and Valerie married in June 1978. They had met while Robin was a bartender in one of San Francisco’s taverns. Almost after 10 years of marriage, they divorced.

No surprise, the public suspected Robin and Marsha began dating while he was still with Valerie. The 2018 documentary film “Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind” showed they formed an intimate relationship after their separation; some sources report they were together before the end of the marriage.

Robin & Marsha tied the knot on 30th April 1989. At the time, Marsha was six months pregnant.

After that, Marsha and Robin began collaborating professionally as well. She is now a film producer.

The family of four was living a great life, but Robin’s alcohol addiction caused a problem in their relationship in 2006. Though the actor entered rehab and became sober, however, their marriage fell apart.

Later, the couple started living separately: Robin moved to Marin County while the wife lived in their San Francisco home with their son, Cody.

Marsha field divorced Robin on 21st March 2010. The reason for the split is quoted as irreconcilable differences. The nineteen years of marriage came to an end.

Cody’s father remarried on 22nd October 2011, Robin married Susan Schneider, a graphic designer.

Who is Cody Alan Williams’s Wife? Is He Married?

cody alan williams maria flores

Cody Williams is married to Maria Flores. They began dating in 2013, as reported. After six years of togetherness, ultimately, they tied the knot on 21 July 2019, the birth date of Robin Williams.

The wedding ceremony was held in their home. The marriage was simple yet elegant. Further, a three-wick candle was lit, dedicating the endless love for those in their family who have died.

Further, Cody’s sister took an Instagram and posted a family picture, wishing the best for the newlyweds.

What Happened To Robin Williams? Reason Behind The Death

On 11th August 2014, Robin, aged sixty-three, was discovered lifeless in his house, Paradise Cay. No alcohol or drugs were involved.

Batelling with depression and anxiety, he died due to asphyxia because of hanging himself. It was a suicide. His body was cremated at Monte’s Chapel. On 21 August 2014, his ashes were scattered over San Francisco Bay.

Net Worth

Cody Williams is an assistant director who earns an average of $70,000 per annum. Besides, he is the son of Robin Williams, whose net worth was estimated at $50 million at the time of his death. For sure, Cody has received a large inheritance. Though there is no exact figure of his net worth, Cody Williams is undoubtedly a millionaire.


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