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CLint baker Ginny and Georgia chris kenopic
Chris Kenopic – Ginny and Georgia
Birthplace Georgetown, Ontario
Age 50-60 Years
Height 5 feet and 9 Inches
Weight Around 71 Kg
Name Chris Kenopic
Father Name Unknown
Mother Name Unknown
Marital Status Married
Spouse Laureen Baskervill (died)
Children Two daughter and Two sons (Braden Kenopic)
Known For Actor, Influencer


Chris Kenopic is a Canadian actor. He has done T.V. shows and movies throughout his career and made a name for himself in the film industry. Likewise, Chris is mainly known for portraying Clint Baker in Ginny and Georgia, a Netflix television series about a 15 years old girl. His acting stands out as he played the deaf role in the series, and people started to think he is deaf in real life. Is he deaf? Let’s get further to know whether he is deaf or Chris acting is just brilliant that people started to think of him as deaf in real life. Without getting delayed, let’s learn more about Chris Kenopic’s personal life in real life.

Chris Kenopic Wikipedia and Biography: Everything to know about him!

CLint-baker--Ginny-and-Georgia-chris-kenopic bio

Chris Kenopic is a Canadian actor and CEO of the Canadian Hearing Society. Despite the fact he is not featured on the Wikipedia site, however, he is on the list of IMDb. As per IMDb, Chris Kenopic is known for Willa (2019) and Ginny & Georgia (2021). Besides his acting career, he is the president and CEO of the Canadian Hearing Society, an industry that empowers deaf people to overcome barriers and supports them.

Moreover, he is also the executive director of the Deaf Literacy Initiative, which brings awareness programs to deaf people and gives urgent social services in need. Chris has been really into this work and has contributed to the hearing society as much as possible and has always been involved in helping them. Talking about Chris Kenopic’s biography, there is less information regarding his personal life as he is much involved in his professional life and caring for and helping them out in his way. He completed his degree at Gallaudet University. If there is new information regarding his personal life emerges on the web, we will surely update you as soon as possible.

Is Chris Kenopic Really Deaf?

Chris Kenopic is deaf. He has been part of the Canadian deaf society and is aware of the people with his non-profitable organization, helping out deaf people. Hershey Canada has portrayed Chris and his son Braden Kenopic in their commercial picturing deaf father and son telling jokes, which has crossed over a million views.

Chris Kenopic Wife and Children: Who is he Married to?

Chris Kenopic Wife and Children Who is he Married to

Chris Kenopic was married to his beautiful wife, Laureen Baskerville, who was also deaf. The couple was tied for more than two decades. But unfortunately, his wife did suicide on 2020 June 29, at the age of 50. It was a misfortune and devastating year for Chris Kenopic as he had loved her more than anything and tied for 26 years of married life; the couple was always living cheerfully despite their disabilities.

The couple had two daughters and two sons, one of whom is also deaf. Their name is still unknown to date, however his deaf son’s name is Braden Kenopic, featured on Hershey Canada with his father Chris in their commercial.

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Chris Kenopic Age: How Old is He?

Chris Kenopic’s age is not disclosed yet. However, based on his images, he seems to be around the age of 50-60 years old. This is just an assumption based on his looks, and his verified age still remains a mystery. If there is news about his age, then we will update you as soon as possible. Stay tuned for that!

Chris Kenopic Height and Weight: How Tall is He?

Chris Kenopic height and weight are not disclosed to date. However, based on his appearance, he seems to be around 5 feet 9 inches tall, while his strong physique indicates a weight of around 71 kg. Moreover, this is just an assumption based on his appearance; however, his actual height and weight are still unknown. If his body measurements are out on the internet, we will surely update our article as soon as possible.

Is he on Social Media?

Based on our research, Chris Kenopic does not appear to have any publicly available social media profiles besides his LinkedIn account. Either he is currently not using any social media platforms or is keeping it private.

So far, we couldn’t locate social platforms of Chris Kenopic on the internet; it is unclear whether he is not active on social media or chooses to keep his online activity private.

However, we did find a LinkedIn profile with his name, which could be hers.


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