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Inside Caspian Field’s World: A Glimpse into Life of Celebrity Child

Caspian Feild is a famous celebrity kid. He is the first child of British American actor JJ Feild and his long-time partner, Canadian actress Neve Campbell. Caspain hit the international headline even before his birth. The public was so eager to meet the child of the stars.

Who Is Caspain Feild? Family

Caspain Field was born in July 2012 in the United States. He will turn eleven years in July 2023. His actor’s parents prefer a confidential life for Caspian, so there is no detail on his date of birth or place.

He is the grandson of an English musician, mystic, as well as spiritual teacher, Reshad Feild (15 April 1934 – 31 May 2016).

Caspian’s maternal side grandparents: Marnie, a Dutch, is a yoga instructor and psychologist, while Gerry Campbell is a Scottish who taught high school drama classes.

His uncle, Christian Campbell, is also an actor.

How Caspian’s Parents Choose His Name

How Old Are Neve Campbell’s Children With JJ Feild?

JJ and Neva were over the moon while pregnant with Caspian.

Scream queen, Campbell said, they looked through a lot of books, and she liked the idea of a unique name.

Further, she added,

I like having a unique name — it’s [my mom’s] maiden name, Neve — and not a lot of people have it. It’s nice having something special and different, and so I wanted something like that for our son,” while on The Talk show.

Before the baby boy came into the world, Campbell and her partner had already picked five favorites. And finally, after meeting their adorable child, they could only remember one name: Caspian.

Caspian is a boy’s name of Latin origin that means son of Cassius: curly-headed.

Caspain Feild Is Big Brother Now

In February 2018, Neve Campbell and JJ Feild adopted a baby boy named Raynor. Their adoption became official in June 2018. The actress took her Instagram and shared this bundle of joy, mentioning everyone is pleased to welcome a new member to the family.

Especially, Caspian is in seventh heaven to be a big brother.

Is Caspian Feild Already In the Film Industry?

Caspian Feild, aged 10, is currently studying in elementary school. And he is not yet in the glamour field. Neither her mother nor his father has ever announced his involvement in an acting project. Caspian may follow in his parent’s footsteps someday and take acting as his career.

Caspian Feild’s Parents

 Neve Campbell’s Children With JJ Feild
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Caspian’s father, JJ Feild, and mother, Neve Campbell, are yet to get married. They have been in a relationship since 2011 and going stronger than ever.

Before partnering with Captain America: The First Avenger’s co-star Neve Campbell had been married twice. She first married a man named Jeff Colt on April 3, 1995. However, they parted ways after three years.

In 2005, the media swirled about Campbell dating fellow actor John Light. Both actors: two met while working together in the movie, Investigating Sex. Their relationship was so smooth that they engaged after some months of dating. They announced the news in December 2005. Further, the actress walked down the aisle on 5th May 2007. Their wedding ceremony was held in Malibu, California. Subsequently, she moved in with Light in Islington, London, where they lived for five years together. On 30th June 2010, Campbell filed for divorce.

Meanwhile, there are no reports of JJ Feild’s past relationship in the media. Feild seems to be one woman, man.

Both His Parents Are Hollywood Stars

Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Caspian’s father, JJ Feild (born in 1978), has been active in the film industry since 1999. He made his acting career debut with a TV drama, Heartbeat. The following year, he appeared on the big screen portraying Jim in the movie Railway children.

Since then, he has starred in both TV and films: Ruby in the Smoke, The Shadow in the North, Northanger Abbey, Turn Washington’s Spies, Telstar, Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), Austenland (2013), and Professor Marston  and the Wonder Women (2017).

On the other hand, her mother, Neve Campbell, is well-recognized for her work in the drama and horror genres. Her first significant role in the TV drama was Catwalk. After that, she starred in the television film The Canterville Ghost, which won her Family Film Award for Best Actress.

Her significant hits Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3, and Scream 4, earned her nominations for various awards, eventually winning 2X Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, MTV Movie Awards, Saturn Awards, and Fangoria Chainsaw Awards.

She has won Prism Awards for Last Call and the ACTRA National Award of Excellence.

She currently appears as Margaret “Maggie” McPherson in the drama, The Lincoln Lawyer.

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Caspain Feild’s Life Style: Net Worth

Caspian Field

Raised by millionaires, Caspain Feild has a lavish lifestyle. His father, JJ Field’s net worth is approximately $10 million. As reported, he owns two residences, both in Los Angeles and in London.

Meanwhile, Neve Campbell is also a millionaire actress with a net worth of $10 million, like her husband. In January 2022, she scored a two-story house in LA that has five bedrooms and four bathrooms with an outdoor swimming pool, a private terrace, and a children’s playset. The house cost her $ 2.8 million.

No doubt, Caspain Feild is living like a millionaire. You can imagine expensive gadgets and fancy vacations.


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