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Is Buck Sexton Engaged? Who Is His Fiance, Carrie Flatley

The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show’s host, Buck Sexton, dropped bombshell engagement news on his Instagram on 10th June 2022. The post featured Sexton passionately kissing his fiancee, Carrie. His fiancee, on the other hand, was proudly flaunting her beautiful engagement ring. The heart in the picture counted a huge 19,106, while his other IG post only saw four-digit likes. Engagement effect!!

Buck Sexton and Carrie Flatley’s First Encounter to Engagement

buck sexton fiance

Carrie Flatley began appearing on Sexton’s social media in May 2022. That IG post clearly shows that Sexton flew to Chicago to meet her.

Chicago is fantastic! First time here, big fan. Plus I have the most amazing tour guide…

After a few days, he again dropped another picture with her accompanying it with the caption,

Great weekend in Chicago, truly a world class city. First time won’t be the last time.”

After those posts, the public acknowledged their affair.

On 10th June 2022, the couple became engaged.

On Clay & Buck’s official page, he disclosed their engagement was far from drama and pretty funny. Carrie had no idea about engagement. That day, Sexton visited Asheville, North Carolina, where her family had a home. He politely asked her family to see a property they considered scoring. So they went there, and Sexton found a perfect spot to ask her hand: a beautiful golden hour on the rooftop when nobody would be up there.

Later, the couple threw a small party.

Who Is Buck Sexton’s Finacee, Carrie Flatley?

Carrie Flatley is an alumnus of the University of Florida, where she did a Bachelor of Science, Advertising.

In 2011, she did intern at Fox Sports in Media Relations.

In 2012, she joined Sony Pictures Entertainment as Development & Production. The following year, she was hired by Fox Broadcasting Company as Assignment Editor & Producer.

In 2015, Fox News enrolled her as an associate Producer for Live Primetime. In 2019, she became Producer, Development / Special Programming at Fox News.

Buck Sexton and Carrie Flatley’s Wedding

Sexton brothers and Carrie in Miami (4 days to the wedding!)
Sexton brothers and Carrie in Miami (4 days to the wedding!)

On 5th February 2023, Buck Sexton and Carrie Flatley exchanged vows at Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church, followed by an intimate reception party. Their wedding was simple: the bride wore a deep v-neckline wedding gown while the groom appeared in a striped navy suit with a bluish-white shirt.

For the honeymoon, the newly wedded couple: Sexton and his wifey, went to Bora Bora Island.

Buck Sexton Bio

Sexton is a conservative political commentator and radio and TV talk show host born on 28th December 1981. Manhattan, New York native, his parents: Jane Buckman Hickey and Mason

Buck Sexton Bio

Speed Sexton, are white Americans. His father is a Wall Street financier.

About Sexton’s academic qualifications, he holds a Bachelor’s degree from Amherst College, majoring in political science.


In 2005, Buck Sexton began his career in the journalism industry, joining the Central Intelligence Agency as an analyst.

In 2011, he switched to TheBlaze, initially taking up the position of national security editor, then a contributor, and eventually a permanent anchor. Further, he was a Political Commentator at CNN from January 2015 to December 2016.

In 2017, Sexton joined iHeartMedia and began hosting The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show alongside American Lawyer, TV analyst, and radio host Clay Travis.

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Who owns The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show?

The radio program is broadcasted on over 400 talk radio stations through syndication by Premiere Networks, owned by American mass media corporation iHeartMedia.

What stations is Buck Sexton on?

Buck Sexton is on WFMD Radio station.

Where does Buck Sexton live?

Buck Sexton is a resident of Manhattan, New York.

Who is Buck Sexton’s father?

A Wall Street financier, Mason Speed Sexton is the proud dad of Buck Sexton.

How much does Buck Sexton make?

Buck Sexton reportedly makes around $100,000 annually. Further, Sexton’s net worth is $500,000.


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