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Who is Bokeem Woodbine Wife- Mahiely Woodbine?

There are wide number of people who are interested to know about the woman who is standing beside Bokeem Woodbine through every thick and thin.

Bokeem Woodbine is very popular for his prominent role in different Hollywood movies over the years. One cannot help but fall in love with his onscreen presence.

But many fans are also very curious about his personal life. To be honest, Woodbine is a private man, but there is a lot we found about him.

Everything listed in this article will help you learn more about Bokeem and his wife Mahiely Woodbine.

Who is Mahiely Woodbine?

Who is Bokeem Woodbine wife Mahiely Woodbine

Mahiely Woodbine is the wife of Bokeem Woodbine. The couple have been married for more than a decade now.

Mrs. Woodbine has been loyal to her husband and is happier than ever. They are possibly one of the best examples of “happy ever after.”

Many of Bokeem’s fans have wondered about the actor’s wife and her life for a while now. And not many people have been able to find out a lot about her.

The actor’s wife was raised in America. She completed her schooling from New Hampshire High School.

Likewise, she graduated from no other than Harvard University. She took psychology as her major.

And, Mahiely has been practicing in her career according to her choice of subject. Growing up, she was very fond of studying and was one of the most excellent students in her class. To this day, she remains to be brilliant.

Not only is she a good professional, but she is also a loving mother and a wife. Woodbine sure knows how to balance work life and private life.

What does Mahiely Woodbine do for a living?

The 50-year-old has a degree in psychology from Harvard University. However, some sources say she is working in a sales department at MBS.

Bokeem Woodbine Wife Relationship

Bokeem Woodbine Wife

Woodbine and his wife, Mahiely, have a very good relationship. The couple have a daughter together.

Bokeem met his now-wife in the year 1999. They started liking one another soon after they met. The two started to date after being friends for a while. After this, they tied the knots in a very lowkey ceremony.

During the time, the tabloids were not even given a hint about their marriage. The pair invited only their close loved ones to the wedding. This led to no scandals, and no unnecessary paparazzi either.

Woodbine and his wife have been very supportive of one another. Considering the fact that his wife met him only 5 years after his debut, one can tell that she has seen him during the thicks and thins of his career.

Bokeem Woodbine Wife’s Pregnancy

Bokeem Woodbine Wife's Pregnancy

The Bones actor appeared in front of the world for the first time with her baby bump on September 15, 2010. The couple glowed on the carpet at the World Premiere of “Devil.”

The couple happily held their hand’s side by side while cameras took their picture together. Bokeem’s wife, Mahiely, looked stunning with her baby bump.

She smiled throughout the premiere and delivered her baby girl soundly soon after.

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Mahiely Woodbine Net Worth

Mahiely has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2023. Likewise, she shares a house and a child with her husband, Bokeem, which makes it possible that his net worth will impact her lifestyle as well.

Mahiely Woodbine Childhood

The star’s wife was born on April 9, 1973, in New Hampshire, United States. Woodbine grew up with her American parents in the United States itself. Though her parents’ names remain a secret, her dad was a football coach, and her mom was a housewife.

Since she is very private as a person, there isn’t much relevant information that has been disclosed about Mahiely’s childhood or early life.


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Bokeem Woodbine and his Wife, Mahiely Woodbine Together for 24 Years

In a world where a loyal partner is uncommon, the actor and his wife proved that true love and devotion towards one partner could help hit milestones like a 24-year-old married life.

The couple may have married later in their relationship, but they have been together for 24 years and are happier than ever.

Though the pair keep everything about themselves as confidential as possible, this might also be why the two have such a quiet and beautiful life with one daughter. To this day, Woodbine tries to take his wife to special events and premieres.

And fans and even the tabloids love to see them together.

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