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Bill Burr has been one of the most familiar faces in the entertainment industry since 1992. He is an amazing stand-up comedian and a terrific actor.

Over three decades, he has gotten a very big and loyal fanbase with his talent.

Bill Burr’s kids is one of the most searched a term on the internet. In this article, we have a little more that you should know about Bill Burr, for instance, his wife and kids.

Bill Burr Wife

Bill Burr Wife

Bill Burr, is married to Nia Renee Hill. The couple have been married for a while and share two beautiful kids.

Nia is one of those lesser-known actresses in the industry who are phenomenal at what they do. Despite having very few fans following, she has always won the hearts of everyone who knows her.

Besides this, it is no secret that she amazed everyone with her performances in Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet and HBO’s Crashing.

If you have watched F Is For Family, you must remember Nia Roosevelt and Georgia Roosevelt. Tell you what, Hill is the one who voiced both these characters.

She is multifaceted in the sense that she also writes. Renee has a production house called Tenderheaded Company that she found independently.

Bill Burr Kids – How Many Kids Does Bill Burr Have?

Bill and Nia share two amazing kids who remain out of the public eye. Celebrity parents try to keep their children safe from the limelight.

However, we know that the couple’s first daughter was born on 20th January 2017. The couple has named her Lola. She is 6 years old as of the year 2023.

In an interview with The Scroll Down, Lola’s mom said she was a lot like herself when she was her daughter’s age. However, her combative nature contrasts with Nia’s lowkey one when she was a little girl. Besides this, Renee compares her daughter to Burr, who is also combative.

In a tweet about her daughter, Nia wrote, “Bill told our daughter that he was going out to tell jokes. She asked me what that meant. I told her it means Daddy makes people laugh. She said, ‘I wanna tell jokes too!’ Pray for me, y’all.”

Likewise, their second child, a son, was born on June 2020. He is 3 years old currently. Burr and Hill have kept their son’s name a secret to this day.

Neither of the parents posts pictures of their children on social media either. Hence, what happens in Bill Burr’s kid’s life is a secret to the fans.

Bill Burr Nia Renée Hill


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Burr and his wife met through comedy. While Nia was working on the first season of Chappelle’s Show in 2003 as a talent co-ordinator, Burr was on the same project.

However, they met a little while later on Tough Crowd With Colin Quin. The wife revealed this on Twitter in the year 2019.

They clicked immediately and, after dating for a few years, got married in 2013. While Nia’s husband Burr is also a comedian, her father also was a comedic manager.

The couple considers comedy a big part of their lives.

Another amazing fact about this pair is that they graduated from the same college but at different times.

Burr has a graduation degree in radio that he attained in the year 1993 from Emerson College in Boston. Likewise, almost 8 years later, his now wife graduated in media arts from the same college in 2000.

She is also a Sopranos fan. And she binge-watches movies whenever she can.

Bill Burr SNL Controversy

Bill Burr SNL Controversy

Nia is not afraid to be vocal about supporting her husband. Bill Burr triggered a controversy in an Saturday Night Live (SNL) episode when he called out on concepts like cancel culture, white women, and Pride month.

There was a lot of backlash from the community and groups of people who got attacked and offended by what he had to say. For this, Hill told everyone that her husband is not everyone’s cup of tea. She added that he sure was her cup of tea.

The actress, though does not like to post about her kids on the internet, she loves posting pictures from date nights with her husband on her Twitter account.


Bill Burr Nia Renée Hill Podcast

Bill runs a podcast channel. And he invites his wife over now and then.

Fans cannot help but appreciate how good she is at roasting her husband. Her comedic timing is always on point.

She sure does not miss a chance to get fun out of joking around with her husband and kids. In a podcast with Burr, she said that he is not the “ sexy money guy” he thinks he is.

That was the time when Bill talked about having money. She also called him a Little League coach.

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