Is August Alsina Really Gay?

August Alsina Opens up with bold statement about love and homosexuality in an episode of VH1’s The Surreal Life finale which made the whole world question his sexuality.

August Alsina wishes happy birthday to his boyfriend
August Alsina writes :Happy birthday to our MF mama! I’m so proudddd to be Sheila Boy!! on his instagram.

August Anthony Alsina Jr. is a singer, songwriter, and rapper. People worldwide know him not just for his music but also for his link-up with Jada Pinkett Smith.

But many other rumors about Alsina are yet to be addressed. While many people think that he does things for controversy and fame, many others think he might also be going through some overwhelming emotions in real life.

Many fans and even tabloids have questioned whether August Alsina is gay despite having dated so many women in the past. In this article, we have compiled everything you may want about Alsina, his sexuality, and more!

August Alsina Comes Out as Gay

August Alsina Comes Out as Gay

August’s statement in an episode of VH1’s The Surreal Life finale made the whole world question his sexuality.

The young rapper talks about how he has “found love in different ways” in the show. Many people considered this a signal to coming out as gay. There was not much interpretation that could be made from his statement besides that.

“Love appeared,” he spilled his thoughts on the show.

He added, “But in a different way. I want to share it to truly appreciate the person I love, who loves me back and teaches me so much about loving and healing. I want to do it in front of the world because it defies all the conventions of what love is meant to be or seem like.”

The singer also shared that his life has become surreal with the presence of love. And his newfound happiness was justified by the fans from the way he hugged a man in the show. Besides this, he has never made such a statement publicly about another woman.

Likewise, August has also not clarified who he is talking about. This is a reason why rumors of him being gay or even bisexual have been revolving among fans all around the world.

Is August Alsina Gay?

While his statement supports the question, the rapper has yet to confirm the truth. What he said in VH1’s The Surreal Life could be a way of promoting the show and his appearance.

Or, he could be homosexual. To this date, neither of the rumors has been confirmed by August.

Furthermore, many celebrities have given a piece of their opinions about August coming out. In a tweet, Kallen Allen said that Alsina coming out is one big score on his “2022 Bingo Card”.

Similarly, popular celebrity makeup artists Manny MUA also said he felt the same as Kallen and shared that he stayed with August for a week.

Some fans also think that he has been forced to define his sexuality. There is only a lot that fans could come up with regarding whether August is gay.


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August Alsina Relationships

August Alsina Relationships

Alsina dated Mandy Williams for over 3 years, from 2013 to 2015. After the pair broke up, he linked with Kayla Phillips, who was dating singer and songwriter Justin Bieber.

His controversial link-ups with women in a relationship do not end here. He has been with Jayda Pinkett Smith, who is famously married to Hollywood actor Will Smith, from 2017 to 2019.

The two have appeared together in many events. Alsina has not been very outspoken about his relationship with Jada. However, both Jada and August have confirmed that they had been together.

The infidelity triggered a lot of people.

The rapper will write about his perspective on his former link-up with Smith in his book, as confirmed by The Sun. Fans have been very curious about Alsina’s point of view, and this book will give everyone a view of what happened and how he saw things with the Hollywood wife.

Besides Mandy, Jada, and Kayla, the songwriter has also been with Miracle Watts. He dated Watts soon after breaking up with Mandy Williams. Though the former couple has called it quits on their relationship, they are still on good terms as friends.

He has also been in a relationship with Analicia Chaves.

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