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Who is Andrew Weissmann’s Wife? Know Her Better

Andrew Weissman is a married heterosexual man who is wed to a woman. You will find everything you need about Weissman’s beloved wife in this article!

The debate of whether Andrew was a homosexual man or not has been in the tabloids and the gossip of many for quite some time now. However, it is quite wrong to make this assumption, especially when he is not even gay.

Many people have considered him a gay man, but the truth has come out now. And he is nothing less of a heterosexual man.

This article will discuss Andrew Weissmann, his wife, and more.

Who is Andrew Weissman?

Who is Andrew Weissman?

If you’ve always had a keen interest in knowing the law, you must know that Andrew Weissman is very prominent in law.

He holds a very high position in the criminal justice sector. Weissman works as a federal prosecutor for many reputable and high-profile clients.

Moreover, he had a very important role to play in the Enron scandal and Whitey Bulger investigation. Andrew is working as a law professor at New York University and has published many law-related books.

Weissman was appointed the head of the Criminal Fraud Section at the U.S. Department of Justice. However, he shifted to being positioned as a member of the special counsel team after leaving the Department of Justice.

All-in-all, Andrew is very reputed and has excelled in his career as a law person and a professor.

Who is Andrew Weissmann’s Wife?

For anyone wondering, Weissman is not gay at all. Many people have assumed he is, but this claim is entirely false.

Though many people do not know, he has been married to a lady for many years. Her name is Debra Weissman.

Though Andrew has not openly talked about his relationship with Debra to this day, it has been confirmed that Weissman is still married to her.

Besides this, the reason why a lot of people have been calling him gay is because his wife has been a secret to the public eye. A lot of people have, however, refrained from calling Andrew Weissmann homosexual after they got to know about his wife’s identity.

Andrew Weissmann Wife Photo

Andrew Weissmann Wife Photo

It is almost disappointing to a lot of people that though Andrew has been in the news, now that the identity of his wife has been revealed, one cannot find her pictures anywhere on the internet.

A badly morphed picture of Andrew as a woman has been going viral online. And many people have been assuming that this is his wife. Whatsoever, the rumors are fake, and the lady in the picture is not even real.

To this day, Debra Weissmann or Andrew Weissman’s wife remains a mystery. This has further led to people making more horrid assumptions about Andrew’s sexuality and Debra’s appearance.

But, since Andrew has always kept himself distant from the limelight and tabloids, it can be justified that he does not prefer his wife’s pictures to revolve around the internet after the false news of his homosexuality.

Besides this, the bigger news is that the Weissmann pair have children together. The children are out of the limelight, and people have yet to know about their identity.

It has been rumored that Debra takes care of the children at home and has always been a happy homemaker.

Andrew Weissmann Family

Weissmann is a family man. He was born on March 17, 1958, to a well-to-do family.

His father, Gerald Weissmann, was a writer. Likewise, his mother, Ann Weissman’s profession has yet not been revealed.

The lawyer shared his childhood with his sister Lisa Weissmann. Many sources have revealed that he shares a very intimate relationship with his family even today.

Andrew Weissman Net Worth

Andrew Weissman Net Worth

The 65-year-old has an estimated net worth of a whopping $50 million. And he earns $187,000 annually.

He gets his earnings from all he has invested in law and academia. He is a very brilliant man who has needed many areas of education and law for a long time.

Furthermore, he is more than just a lawyer; he has also been involved in business with other companies. This helps him earn a very good revenue that adds to his net worth.

As a writer, he has also successfully sold his book, which has become one of the New York Times Best Sellers.

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Is Andrew Weissmann man married?

Andrew Weissman has been married to Debra Weissmann for quite many years.

How old is Andrew Weissmann?

He is 65 years old.

Is Andrew Weissmann gay?

No, he is heterosexual.

Who are Andrew Weissmann’s children?

The identity of his children is still unknown.

Who is Debra Weissmann?

Debra Weissmann is Andrew Weissmann’s wife. Besides this, not much is revealed about her.

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